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Formally established near 10 years ago by brothers Dean and Jonty Rzechta, Ninety Four Feet Pty Ltd and its Associated Entities sit at the forefront of the Property and Construction industry. Their father, Henry Rzechta had been active in the Property Industry for near three decades prior to them collectively deciding to turn what was “a hobby into what is now a much larger family and diversified business.”

After playing basketball for most of his young life, Dean made the decision to work alongside his father. With degrees in Banking and Finance, as well as Property/Construction Management, Dean felt comfortable translating that into the workplace and hence the evolution of the 94 Feet brand. “First and foremost, we are a family business,” Dean says. “We deal with our staff in that manner, it is a family environment; we’re all, in essence, just brothers and sisters working together to achieve the same goal.”

The company name, 94 Feet, derived from the length of a basketball court is something that holds great meaning to Dean, who spent most of his youth playing professional basketball. “There was a saying on the court when we were growing up;” he says, “we’d say ‘you’ve got 94 feet of game,’ which means you focus on both the defensive and the offensive end. We thought that was a fitting name, because we aren’t just focused on just one stream of the development or construction game. We cover all ends offering a fully integrated vertical solution and feel that we’ve got the full spectrum of what the construction and development business should represent.”

Originally an inner city boutique residential developer, 94 Feet has since expanded its direction to focus on the architectural integrity, well-located, affordable medium-density residential projects, establishing itself as a reliable and capable developer that sees these jobs from inception through to delivery. “Working with us gives home owners and investors the opportunity to secure ownership in areas which are in high demand,” says Dean, “and at an affordable price point.”

A strong advocate for green and sustainable initiatives, 94 Feet strives to implement energy and water efficient solutions whenever feasible, as well as encourage opportunities for bike parking and the like. They are also currently developing a number of hotel and hospitality projects. “We’re working very closely with a number of significant global hotel operators assisting them in delivering their vision,” Dean says. The projects are CBD specific in both Melbourne and Sydney. “Our first foray into the hotel space with will be announced soon but it is with the largest and most successful listed global hotel operator,” Rzechta continues, “which is a significant undertaking and pretty exciting for us as well, being a family business.”

Dean is quick to emphasise the importance of building close relationships with industry bodies, particularly in those in the planning and departments sectors. “The infrastructure bodies in both states have been helpful to us,” Dean says. “The Department and Tourism bodies in Victoria have been supportive of a lot of the work that we do, and there are opportunities to improve and continue the momentum of working in state. If you can promote job growth and job creation, the governments will be very supportive of you.”




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