ACORPP- small enough to care, and big enough to get the job done!


For ACORPP (which stands for Australian Corporate Property and Projects), it has been a quick and comprehensive journey to prominence in the field of consultancy services.


ACORPP was formed in 1995 under the name of Smith Tucker Property Services, eventually being rebranded as Vic Smith and Associates and the abbreviated VSA before receiving its current moniker in late 2013. They began as a small independent Australian consultancy, and “small” is the least apt adjective by far.


Today, ACORPP has offices in both Perth and Brisbane, offering commercial property, advisory and project management services to clients in private and government sectors. Despite their growth however, they maintain an independent and personable image with their clients. Director Gordon Bateup describes the company as “small enough to care, and big enough to get the job done”.


Mr Bateup is well qualified to opine on this subject, boasting a history of over fifteen years’ experience with project management – one of ACORPP’s two key services. His career started in the UK, working as a Quantity Surveyor on fit-out and delivery of airport facilities, including some reconfigurations at Heathrow airport. Along the way, he changed careers to project manager, while working on a variety of commercial and government projects.


ACORPP’s other main areas of service is property consultancy. Tasks include accommodation strategy, feasibility, due diligence, asset management and tenant representation. The lattermost is perhaps their chief concern, as they pride themselves on working to fit the tenants’ needs.


Project management, by comparison, is more straightforward. It consists mainly of inception, briefing, planning, construction, and handling and all business cases in the process.


ACORPP has provided various combinations of these services in a vast array of environments. Throughout their history, they have worked on commercial office and workplace fit-outs, in addition to a variety of education, health, judicial and industrial projects.


“Every project has its own challenges,” states Mr Bateup. “Briefing & inception are probably the most critical elements, since they set the framework for the rest of the project. As we hit each milestone in the process, we’ll know the budgets, the risks involved – everything.”


The most prominent challenges that the company faces nowadays come primarily with the territory of consultancy. Withstanding an environment of constant change and needing to forecast the future are high priorities.


“You’ve got to understand both where you are now and where you will be in the future,” declares Mr Bateup.


ACORPP’s defining trait may be the maintained independence that sets them apart from their competitors. Of course, they boast many other advantages, including a host of versatile expertise afforded by employing staff with different work backgrounds, which may soon expand so the company can bring in additional, younger employees.


“We’ve got some good diversification within our skillset,” affirms Mr Bateup, “to help provide our clients with a one-stop-shop that can adapt to any sort of project.”


Their consumer-first approach extends to involvement in the local community. ACORPP supports the Youth Focus’ Ride for Youth for the prevention of youth suicide and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Ride to Cure Diabetes; engages with various local sports organizations.


Most of all, ACORPP stays on good terms with clients, suppliers and stakeholders alike by treating all with an equal degree of respect and integrity


“From a client perspective,” explains Mr Bateup, “we’re focused on working closely with our clients to meet their needs. There’s never an exact science to it, because it’s very project-specific, but there’s always different opportunities to do something valuable for the clients.”


These valuable efforts are not set to be significantly affected in the near future. The foremost challenges have always been there; sustainability remains a pressing concern, and businesses must perpetually be allowed to change in order to grow. ACORPP seems to be rising to the occasion.


“With the size we are and the market we’re in,” says Mr Bateup, “we’ve got to be organic in our growth. We work with people from a long-term perspective, so we can continue those developments. We’re very team-focused and collaborative, and work well with each other.”


It seems like ACORPP is not just a drop in the ocean; but more like the ocean in a single drop. ACORPP really stands apart from the rest of the market because they offer a service that covers the whole of life cycle of corporate real estate; “from conception to delivery” advises Mr Bateup. In respect to the whole of life cycle service they provide, their project management service can be integrated and embedded into the negotiations for acquisition or lease.

“This helps us to minimise risk of time, cost, and quality blowouts; and in most cases, deliver savings to our clients” comments Mr Bateup.




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