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Starting just over 3 years ago in 2012, Adelaide Central Electrical is now entering into its 4th year. In this short time, the company has grown from 1, to 80 employed electricians. Born out of the demise of the Hastie Group, Scott Morphett (MD), gives us insight on the company that picked up where Hastie left off and kept running.

“At the moment, we are predominantly a construction light, power and electrical company.” Explains Scott. A.C.E. (Adelaide Central Electrical) specializes in high rise buildings, shopping centres, commercial warehouses and factories. Offering a plethora of services including mechanical, refrigeration, generator installations, switchboards and electrical design and estimation. With years of related experience and expertise, they also have their own service department, offering a wide range of services including replacements, tests and maintenance.

A.C.E. have completed some major projects in the last year including one for the Australian Sub Corp in Outer Harbour. “Within just a 3 month window, we had to build a 3-storey building while the subs were out.” Says Scott. “Another impressive project we finished recently, is a new Costco store. This was a $2.5 million build and form start to finish, from breaking the ground to opening the doors, was just 12 weeks.” Continues Scott. Both projects had A.C.E. completing all components of lighting, power and mechanical electrical. This also included communication and security as part of that package.

With many buildings in town doing sustainable upgrades, most of them look towards the more typical areas. These areas fall under A.C.E.’s expertise and include LED and automated lighting, control gears to reduce consumption, variables speed drives as well as metering and monitoring systems to find the high output and reduce carbon footprints. Not only are these economical and sustainable solutions put into play for their clients, but in their own facilities as well, as Scott says; “We practice what we preach.”

“We managed to start relations with most of the builders in South Australia. Most, if not all, have been very happy with our commitment and quality of work. To me it’s not about getting a medal on your shirt, but ensuring your clients are happy.” Advises Scott.

He continues on industry relations, stating; “Especially for your builders, clients & government organizations, it’s paramount that you have a healthy relationship. This means having them trust you to a point where they rely on you to perform your work in a professional manner and to do it with the outmost speed. Without that and your integrity, nothing else matters.” Scott also mentions that he feels this way across the board, whether it’s with A.C.E.’S suppliers or clients. “Relationships are #1 on any level. If you can walk away with your head held high, you’ve done a good job.” Proudly states Scott.

In regards to industry concerns, Scott was able to break it down to one word, “confidence”. He explains; “At the moment the industry is stagnating a bit, margins are extremely low and it’s hard to win projects out there. It has to be driven by the government to create confidence in the industry and try to stimulate growth in that area. But the private sector relies on the government to release the shackles on their string of requirements. If they open the doors a bit more and make things a bit more lenient, consumer confidence builds, people start spending money and once you start spending money, things start to happen. If you hear nothing but doom and gloom, everyone clams up and nothing gets going.”

Scott has had a colourful and checkered past. He had his own business previously, however at that time things went the other way. He then joined Watters Electrical under the Hastie Group and was with them for 10 years as management. “At the demise of that, was the rise of where I am.” Says Scott. When we asked Scott about his journey, he calls himself; “A country boy who came to the city and tried to keep himself busy and hopefully along the way do some good things and raise some good kids.” Scott and A.C.E. will surely be kept busy, as they currently have some large projects underway. With respect to doing some good things, it seems he already has, as Scott states; “The thing I love the most are apprentices. We’ve employed 20 at the moment and I would have employed 100 or so in my lifetime and I love the fact that they have gone on to be successful in their own right.”

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