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Founded by Geoffrey Haggarty Sr in 1981, APFC Exports takes pride in providing fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables from Australia to the rest of the world; his son, Geoffrey Haggarty Jr, says that, “with a background in aviation logistics, Geoffrey Sr. saw an opportunity to get involved in the air freighting of fresh produce.”

Starting out as one of the first companies in Australia to provide import and export of produce, APFC took advantage of the Australia’s abundance of summer fruits. With the expansion its success, it became one of New South Wales’ most prominent fresh produce exporters. “In 2006 we joined forces with The N&A Fruit Distributors. This guaranteed our access to an extensive network of growers and the extensive resources they posses across the industry.”

Since then, AFPC Exports has prided itself on being able to manipulate its services in order to accommodate customers. “I think that our experience is what makes the difference. For example, this means having extensive understanding of overseas markets and its fluctuations.”

AFPC Exports has their finger “on the pulse of the Australian fresh produce industry”. This includes early mornings for Haggarty and his team to gain information from industry associates in order to further benefit the company’s clients. “We live it and breathe it. “

Currently AFPC Exports offers up to 900 fruits and several other products, including organics, to be uplifted by air each day. “This list doesn’t stop growing due to new value added items constantly being included in our line up. Trade is a two-way street so, naturally, we work closely with our supply chain. AFPC will always strive to ensure the freshest product, along with the best quality service at the quickest possible speed give our partners the most efficient results.”

According to Haggarty, the Australia’s produce industry can be affected by two major issues: good access to export markets and expansion of supply to meet demand. “For instance, markets like China want our products. However, awkward quarantine protocols and lack of supply base means that their demand goes relatively unmet. Our SH competitors who may have the advantage on superior access conditions are moving hell for leather to expand the supply base to cater for the market.”

Aside from these issues, Haggarty explains the existence of a fruit fly sterilization project, which will bring great change to the agricultural industry. “Fruit fly eradication will turn our market on its head as it is a major stumbling block when it comes to access negotiations.”

Despite those industry setbacks, Haggarty says, “AFPC has formed itself into an ambitious fresh produce supplier. We now offer a wider array of services than ever. And I think that’s one of our qualities – we’re dynamic. We’re moving produce by air and sea, but we’re now also catering to the growing cruise ship industry in Australia. Being able to meet the needs of such vastly different clients speaks for itself.”

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