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AMC Commercial Cleaning Pty Ltd has been in the commercial cleaning industry for over 25 years. Fully Australian owned and operated AMC’s lasting experience within the cleaning sector translates into a reliable and secure service their customers have come to trust.

AMC was established in 1988 when Stephen Coade, CEO, identified a greater need to provide tailored services within the commercial cleaning sector.

Centered from Melbourne, AMC has now expanded its services across Australia and Tasmania with offices in all major states. Danny Singh, General Manager of the New South Wales office explains “AMC’s growth has been accomplished by the scalability of the franchising module. We sold master franchisees in each of the states and we grew from there. AMC has more than 650 franchisees nationwide and now has an annual turnover of $50 million.” Currently one of the largest franchise cleaning businesses in Australia, AMC aims to increase its national turnover to $100 million within the next 5 years.

In addition to providing a complete commercial cleaning solution, AMC also offers a number of specialist services. Carpet cleaning, ceiling and floor stripping, window cleaning, sanitary services and maintenance services are only but a few that AMC has to offer. “We are one-stop-shop,” says Danny, “so instead of our customers calling 2 or 3 contractors to manage their garden, sanitary and cleaning needs, they can call us, and we will cater our services to their requirements.”

With franchisees throughout Australia earning over $500,000 annually, the strength of AMC’s business model is evident. “With the support of a large organisation, it allows the franchisees the freedom of being their own boss without the daily concerns of managing their own business.” Mr Singh explains, “Upon purchase of a franchising business, AMC provides the franchisee with everything they need in order to function efficiently and effectively as a business owner, from uniforms through to guaranteed income through contract work, we do everything we can to assist the franchisee to get up and running.” Danny emphasises the strong security and growth potential of a cleaning franchise, especially within the commercial sector. “The cleaning industry is practically a recession-proof business,” he says. “Everyone needs cleaners and a majority of our clients have been retained for many years.”

Danny views AMC’s franchising model as one of the company’s greatest points of difference from its industry counterparts. “You’re getting two levels” he says, “A superior service from the franchisee and AMC’s integrated management system, which ties in with our triple certification in Quality, OH&S, and Environmental Management”. “Supporting our dedication to the environment, AMC uses its own unique brand of environmentally friendly, anti-microbial chemicals, which are backed by HealthGuard.”

AMC prides itself as being one of the few companies to have achieved triple certification in Australia and New Zealand for ISO 9001 Quality Standards, AS4801 OH&S Standards, and ISO 14001 Environmental Standards. “Very few companies are fortunate enough to be accredited to this level which is a testament to what we do and our commitment to providing the best service possible” says Danny. “It ensures that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing for our clients.” AMC has also won a number of awards through its membership to the Franchise Council of Australia and the Building Services Contractors Association of Australia.

Since its establishment, AMC has proudly sponsored a wide variety of charities, including the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia, to which AMC donates 1% of its total revenue during Children’s Cancer International Month.

In 2014, the company sponsored the Faith Hope Charity for breast cancer awareness in South Australia, and participates in a number of events throughout the year for Wallara, a charity for disabled children in Victoria. “We work a lot with our local communities” Danny says. “It’s an opportunity for us to give back to the community. It also makes us feel good, it makes our employees feel good, and it makes our franchisees feel good, that we’re not just all about raising revenue and our bottom line.”

Danny stresses that without associations such as the BSCAA and the FCA, the industry would lack any form of official standardisation. “There are a lot of stories about how franchisors can go bad; I think that the FCA are there to make sure that everything is going well, and that strong standards are put in place.” Mr Singh also notes that the BSCAA, which was established predominantly for the cleaning industry, also ensures that cleaners are properly treated and respected by employers. AMC’s founder, Stephen Coade, in the past has acted as the association’s president. “I am part of the NSW FCA as well,” he says. “I am a part of the community to ensure that what is happening within our business is passed up the line, and that feedback is received from everyone. It is quite important for us to have these robust ties with these industry bodies as AMC is heavily reliant on many of its key suppliers, so close working relationships with such groups are vital to the company’s continued success.”

The recruitment of new franchisees is an ongoing challenge that Mr Singh expects to only grow more difficult in the future. “This is due to the fact that cleaning lacks the mandatory accredited certification by other trades.” “We are considered as unskilled workers,” he says. “Our focus as a Commercial Cleaning Company is to ensure that our franchisees are highly trained and well-equipped to take on any task big or small.” With the deterioration of the industry’s entry barrier, this has resulted in a growing number of new competitors in recent years. “Anyone can pick up a mop and bucket and go out and clean, but what they might not have is values” “We’re approachable, and by really listening to our client’s needs, we partner with them to develop and deliver effective and comprehensive cleaning solutions.” “We’re very proud of the standards we set and continually scrutinise and adapt our service in our endeavours to always try and exceed our client’s expectations.”

Danny Singh has been a part of the cleaning industry for 2 years. Seen as a natural progression from his time spent in the facility management sector Danny adds “I love every minute of it; I’ve got less hair because of it, but it is very rewarding,” he laughs. “It is worthwhile when clients actually call you and say ‘hey, you’re doing a fantastic job, that’s a pat on the back in itself.” Mr Singh feels that some of AMC’s greatest achievements have been the quality of its staff, coupled with the consistent expansion of its franchisee base. “We are growing by 20 to 30% year on year, and we even grew during the heavy GFC period, which is due to our excellent staff and franchisees. We want to keep the growth steady and ensure bottom line performance. We want to engage the franchisees and the suppliers, and build the biggest commercial cleaning franchise model in Australia.”

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