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The most prominent name in meat production, Andrews Meat Industries provides hotels, clubs, restaurants, healthcare, airline, corporate and industrial caterers with the personal service and access to exclusive brands and consistent high-quality products.


Andrews is a family owned company established in 1960, started out of a Paddington butcher shop by founder Peter Andrews Sr. Peter’s focus was on local food service trade and the growing export trade. Since the mid 1980’s Peters’ three sons, Peter Jnr, Michael and Harry, joined the business and have maintained the quality standards that Peter Snr was renowned for whilst expanding the business to its current stature.


Today, the company has expanded significantly, including wholesale food service of portion control product, export of high quality grain fed and Wagyu beef and premium meal solutions. Andrews now service clients in metro and regional NSW, Melbourne and Queensland and across the globe. Andrews also have an expansive Sales and Customer Service department in order to maintain their commitment to superior customer service.


Director of Sales and Marketing, Jacinta Geddes has been with Andrews for twelve years, and seen the scope and purpose of the business grow significantly. Initially working as a chef at Neil Perry’s Rockpool and other prominent Sydney establishments, she joined Andrews after developing a relationship with them as a customer. Having an understanding of Food Service from the inside has allowed Jacinta to expand the company’s ability to meet customer’s needs.


“Previously the company was subject to the fluctuations of the market, factors such as drought, high Australian Dollar and strong export markets,” says Mrs Geddes. “So we invested heavily in solidifying our future by creating our own brands, and strengthening our relationships with specialty and exclusive suppliers to ensure our products are consistently available to our clients.”



The company’s own brands include Shiro Kin Fullblood Wagyu Beef & Shiro Kin Smallgoods, Tajima Crossbred Wagyu Beef, Grainge Angus Beef; Signature 300 & 150Day Grain Fed, White River Veal, Mary Valley Ethically Raised Pork, Byron Bay Berkshire Pork and Salumi by LaMacelleria.


In addition to the creation of their own brands, Andrews have invested heavily in bringing innovative solutions to customers with the Creative Food Solutions division of the business. Creative Food Solutions was the first to provide cooked bagged roast beef, lamb and pork to retail consumers through a major national retailer, an achievement recognised by the receival of a prestigious Food Magazine Innovation award. Countless awards have also been won for their food service product lines.


Andrews Meats have one of the largest purpose built cold storage facilities on the Eastern Seaboard, to cater for the vast volume and diversity of products within their catalogue.


“Because we’re a large business,” clarifies Mrs Geddes, “we rely on our relationships with suppliers to ensure products are produced to our specifications including size, trim and weight range, which reduces the time our production team needs to spend processing.”


One way they are able to maintain this level of production is through their strong Industry partnerships. An example of this relationship is Greenham Tasmania with their Cape Grim Beef and JBS Australia with their Great Southern Pinnacle Range, which are both able to produce large volumes of the highest quality pasture fed product in Australia, available exclusively through Andrews.


“It’s imperative to have good relationships with suppliers,” states Mrs Geddes, “To have exclusive supply of a product is a privilege.”


Andrews places great importance on maintaining quality control. Full traceability of products is a key aspect of this; products come with listed batch numbers and similar information that customers can quote when reporting problems, which are then pinpointed and prevented. They also utilize a digital 24-hour call room to moderate the temperatures their products are kept in.

The company’s relentless focus has yielded a series of accreditations that serve as testaments to their outstanding efforts. They are both Safe Food NSW accredited and HACCP certified, and have also earned A+ establishment rating from AUSMEAT for quality assurance.


Their products have been similarly acclaimed in recent years. Their Tajima Crossbred Wagyu Beef took home a rare trifecta of Gold medals in 2013 Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland’s Fine Foods Awards. Additionally, their Creative Food Solutions products have been section winners five times in the Food Magazine Awards.


In a perpetually unpredictable market, several possible obstacles loom in the distance. Strong export demand from South East Asia in particular China, will place pressure on domestic market, as will the fluctuating Australian dollar. Another factors that affect Andrews greatly is drought in regional Australia. “Australia has really struggled in the last few years with drought, which puts significant pressure on prices of lamb in particular” says Mrs Geddes. “As a processor/wholesaler, we constantly face these challenges, and are adept at handling them”.


The company’s tendency to look towards the future is one of their major advantages, along with their quick, adept problem-solving and, of course, the consistent high-quality service that customers have come to expect.

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