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Efficient, Responsive, and Personal Service

 ANH Consulting was established by Antoun El Hajjeh over 2 years ago, with almost a decade’s worth of structural design experience in every structural challenge he takes on. Antoun takes pride in how the company has grown over the last 2 years, with control of 4-5% of the market in terms of low-rise buildings, while also carrying out a number of commercial jobs, while retaining a primary focus on residential single storey and double storey low-rise properties.

“I like to work closely with each and every one of my clients to tailor each job properly to what they want and expect, as well as working closely with the builders way of the construction,” says Antoun. While making a point never to impose his own construction knowledge on the builder, Antoun does work closely with them to ensure the project is being done right. Antoun designs all the structures accordingly and is a member of the Institute of Civil Engineers Australia; working as a team and offer the client full service and add to the value of the project.

For Antoun and ANH Consulting, so far the most challenging project they have carried out has been a car parking lot in Belconnen, where the site was made up of 4 metres of unstable soil. Two metres high retaining wall with neighbouring block had to be maintained while the excavation is underway. The basement slab on this job was a suspended slab.

Antoun works closely with the builder or client to determine the most inexpensive construction material for the task at hand. “From there, I design a structural plan with what’s available to ensure everything is designed in as efficient of a way as possible,” Antoun explains.

Antoun maintains strong relationships so he is always aware of what’s wanted in the industry. Through this network, Antoun is able to know what to do and what needs to be done, but his priority is always to think on his customer or clients’ behalf.

One major issue that Antoun feels is growing within the industry are the rising prices for building materials, especially when the costs for units and housing have gone down. “There needs to be some cost effective plans put in place for the industry to ensure this issues does not bring with it lasting problems,” he says.

Antoun previously worked in an office in Sydney for four years before coming to work in Canberra. Every job he did with that company was different, granting him exposure to many different building materials and construction methods, which was an invaluable experience. He then made the decision to pursue a company of his own, and in 2011, ANH Consulting Engineering was established. Antoun enjoys what he does and is very happy with where the company is and the stage it is in, but he can see the company doing more in the future, and is looking forward to it growing further within the next year. Antoun will never allow himself to get to a stage where he has too much work to focus on, and can’t deliver; he aims to ensure that he always has a focused mind on every client and the promises he makes to them.


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