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In 2005, Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co selected a modest 66 head of cattle for processing from a certified organic farm in central Queensland. “The outcome was excellent. The meat was tender and had great overall quality” claims Alister Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer of Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co. Demand grew quiet rapidly, the momentum from success with beef carrying the company into the organic lamb market in 2008.

Arcadian Organic is dedicated to quality production. Each producer must meet stringent requirements set by Arcadian Organic’s certifying body. They all stand by the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce. Requirements include keeping animals, and pasture, free of synthetic chemicals and never using Hormone Growth Promotants (HGPs) or antibiotics. Protecting the biodiversity of their farms is very important, along with ensuring all animals are free to roam and exhibit their natural behaviours.

“All of our livestock are raised on certified organic, family-owned, Australian farms” says Alister. “Each producer is carefully selected by our team, based on the quality of their produce and their demonstrated commitment to upholding the principles of certified organic farming”.

As a result of increasing global demand for grass-fed organic meat, Arcadian Organic has grown to be the largest certified organic meat producer network in Australia. Together with their sophisticated processing systems and advanced supply chains, this has allowed Arcadian to supply a truly global market.

Arcadian Organic’s simultaneous growth is not the result of luck. It was driven by their dedication and commitment to Australian family farming, the safeguarding of their environment and the wellbeing of future generations. “We only source the purest, most organically sound product as it provides the consumer with the assurance that they are seeking” Alister emphasises.

Currently Arcadian is working closely with producers to negotiate some challenging times for farmers. Queensland, home to the main supplier base, has endured a lengthy drought that hasn’t broken. This is affecting a lot of ‘grass fed’ farmers, forcing them to sell their cattle fast.

Despite the impact of circumstance from the recent drought, Arcadian is looking forward to a new dawn in the food industry where everyone recognises the importance of healthy farming for a heathy tomorrow. “At Arcadian we work together with the farmers who rise each morning to put pure and natural food on our plates, to make a healthy difference in the world, one season at a time” says Alister.

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