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Arise Developments is a boutique commercial property development company which specialises in the development of large format retail centres and industrial land subdivision. Based in Subiaco, WA, the company was established in 2009 by Managing Director Adam Lisle, founder of Linc Property and a 15-year member of the industry. Paul Lampropoulos, Arise’s Director of Development, joined the company in 2010, with a background as a property lawyer. The development team grew once again in early 2014, with the addition of Development Manager Scott Jansen.


The firm’s portfolio is primarily comprised of projects in the large format retail sector, specialising in the purchase of englobo parcels of land and their subsequent development into integrated centres capable of accommodating a large number of retailers. Working alongside Bunnings Warehouse, Arise recently completed a 30 000 square metre centre in Joondalup. Other similar projects include a 10 000 square metre centre in Osborne Park, and a 30 000 square metre centre in Malaga which is still under development with approximately 50% completed and the next stage under construction. In the past, Mr Lisle had also developed a 50 000 and 23 000 square metre centre in Cockburn and Midland respectively. Industrial land subdivision is Arise’s second service, which similarly consists of the purchase of large parcels of industrial land, the subdivision of the land, and its sale in smaller parcels. One of Mr Lisle’s most notable projects in the sector is Lansdale North, one of the most successful industrial estates in Western Australia. The 40-hectare parcel of land was developed to deliver 130 industrial lots in the area, all of which sold within 18 months of the land’s acquisition.


Arise regularly engages with expert consultants in order to best understand and tackle any environmental challenges with their projects. Arise was assisted by Cundall, an international multi-disciplinary consultancy, during their Joondalup Square project. The group monitored all processes throughout the development offering feedback and ideas in relation to the reduction of the project’s carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. Such suggestions included placing obligations on engaged builders to meet certain criteria in areas such as the disposal of waste from the build site. “In terms of the actual build itself,” Paul says, “we’re looking at ways that we can build to give us the most environmental efficiency, such as insulation and tinting to decrease heat loads, rainwater harvesting, and much more.”


In 2011, Adam Lisle was awarded the Warwick Shedden Memorial Trophy by the Large Format Retailers Association in recognition of his significant contribution to the industry. The association’s membership includes all large format retailers, as well as the agents, developers, and any other affiliates specialising in the area. “Adam did a lot of work on behalf of the association here in Western Australia to lobby the government to deregulate trading hours for our sector,” says Mr Lampropoulos. “He has also done a lot of lobbying in the State Government for zoning reform, which will increase the viability of a lot of those businesses here in WA. It’s a very prestigious award within the area that we work, and it was well-deserved.”


Arise works closely with their team of consultants that they use to manage the various aspects of their business, ensuring that all areas are running smoothly and to plan. “It starts with our architect coming up with an efficient design for the projects that we’re doing that is both economical, and responds to the requirements of our tenants,” Paul Says. “We have a project manager being Geoff Loxton from PDS, who sits in between ourselves, doing the theoretical development, and the practical onsite management of the builder. We’ve got our engineer, our fire consultants, our builders, our landscape consultants, and everyone else that forms part of our team and enables us to successfully complete a project development.”


The large format retail industry is currently awaiting the advancement of an important zoning reform that is being introduced to the sector. “Another colloquial way to refer to large format retail is ‘showroom’,” Paul explains, pointing out that currently each local authority has a unique definition of ‘showroom’ in their local planning scheme text. “What that means is that in one local council, the definition might allow JB Hi-Fi to be approved under that zoning, whereas another local council may not allow it, because their definition is different. What the association’s been lobbying for is a greater consistency on the definition of showroom across all councils in WA, as well as the broadening of that definition to cover more and different types of businesses, because over the last decade, we’ve noticed a transformation of the types of businesses that fall into our area. They have evolved and grown, and there’s different types of businesses that now fall into our space that the planning legislation hasn’t been updated to reflect.”


Paul began his career as a lawyer at Mallesons Stephen Jaques (now King Wood Mallesons), practicing in the Commercial Property Group. Lamenting the taxing nature of his occupation, he made the decision to move towards something different. “I was able to get a good grounding in my field, having been a lawyer for about 4 years,” he said. “It gave me a good basis to get into development. What I like about development is that it’s all about being strategic, smart, and intuitive. It’s not just coming in, doing my job, and getting paid; you’re working for something better, and that’s what I love about the field, you get to work smart, hard, and you get the reward at the end. Arise provides a fantastic work environment within which to do this together with a good work/life balance and clear career progression opportunity”.  Paul is looking forward to consolidating the developments that Arise currently has underway, while sourcing new opportunities as well.



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