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Artique Homes is a Boutique, high quality homebuilder, known for working directly with its clients as a designer, builder and administrator. “We don’t only look at the design of the house; we also fully specify everything in the home,” says Malcolm Goode, Artique’s Managing Director, Builder, and Designer. “When we provide a cost for a home, it’s an accurate budget—no trickery, no gimmicks.” Artique’s Construction Manager, John Glorie, has an extensive background in building and carpentry, and has worked alongside Malcolm Goode since co-founding the business in 1988. “The two of us combined is a great team,” says Malcolm, “we’ve worked together for 26 years and have many satisfied repeat clients.”

As a builder of Custom, Individual homes, Artique Homes have made direct communication with its customers the utmost priority. “We don’t just listen to our clients; but we also hear what they are saying – which are two very different things”, Malcolm explains. “We aren’t about creating a trophy for ourselves in building their home, we want to create the home that they require, based on their brief and combined with our expertise, so at the end of the day we create something that’s going to suit their lifestyle in Western Australia and also be a Timeless investment for the future.” Malcolm initially meets with their clients to discuss the clients brief required in order to design the home. Prior to costing the home, Artique will meet again with the client to make further adjustments to the design, and compile a fully itemised specification with them, down to the last detail. “When we price the home, it is an accurate price from day one, and that way we stay friends with our clients,” Malcolm explains. “The philosophy is something that my grandfather told me when I was seven years old: If you do the right thing by people, they’ll tell 6 friends, However, If you do the wrong thing, they’ll tell everyone for the rest of their lives. That philosophy is taken to heart by everyone in our company’, and is a testament to Artique’s success”.

Artique’s homes range in price from approximately $350 000, of which they have various standard designs, through to approx. $8 million, each bringing with them their own unique set of challenges. One of the company’s most notable projects is a fully self-sustained, 2-storey house with a loft and vaulted brick ceiling/brick cellar, something Artique had never built prior, which had to be built to double as a fire bunker in the event of a bushfire, which actually occurred during the construction of the home. The house features its own power generation systems, as well as an independent water supply, and grey water recycling system. Beginning as a $1.5 million build, the project more than doubled in size at the client’s request, finishing at approx. $4 million, with the ten-hectare property’s final design featuring access roads, cameras for security, smart wiring, a fully landscaped block with a soccer field, and a below-ground pool with outdoor living.

In addition to a number of homes in the Design & Planning phases, and the completion of a five level Hampton style Beach front home in Hillarys, Artique Homes is currently constructing a new 3-storey beach front home at Burns Beach. The home takes up the majority of the property, necessitating the installation of electronic turntable to allow vehicle access/egress to the garage at the rear. One of the project’s major challenges is the property’s lack of onsite storage, requiring materials to be delivered on the day that they are needed, as well, the house’s location on the beach preventing any high level works once the sea breeze commences. “We planned every detail for our clients;” Malcolm says. “We also produced a detailed building program for them to monitor progress, and I believe we are the only builder in Western Australia that does that, providing peace of mind for our clients.”

Artique strives to maintain the same high quality structure for every home the company builds, with both Malcolm and John inspecting each project personally on a regular basis. “John is on site each and every day to maintain production and craftsmanship with the trades,” Malcolm explains, “and I’m at the site every other week to oversee the project globally and to meet with the client in case there are any queries.” Artique has also invested in the training of its tradespeople over many years, up scaling its workforce to ensure the best possible product, every time.

Over the company’s years of operation, Artique has won a wide variety of awards from both the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association, including Best Quality Display Home WA, and a number of other category awards. Malcolm himself was personally presented with the MBA Member of the Year Award for his outstanding commitment and contribution to the MBA and the Housing industry in WA as well as acting as Vice President whilst running a Company. Artique is also a member of WesBuilders, a Western Australia cooperative that has now grown to a membership of approx. 112 small to medium builders. “To ensure that we are competitive, we’ve set up WesBuilders as a purchasing co-operative for selected members,” Malcolm explains. “It’s a privilege to be a member, and it has made us as competitive as some of the major project builders in Perth, which is an obvious benefit to our clients”

Strong relationships with organisations within Perth, such as the MBA, HIA and WesBuilders, as well as with local organisations, hold numerous advantages for builders like Artique Homes. “There is a wealth of knowledge to be learned;” says Malcolm. “We’re of the philosophy that if you come to work and didn’t learn something today, than you haven’t been to work.”

Malcolm points to the shortage of land in Western Australia as one of the greatest challenges facing the industry within the state. “Perth is one of those cities with an urban sprawl,” he says, “there is an emphasis coming back to smaller development and high density, and that’s something that the government is struggling with, as with the looming shortage of trades such as Bricklayers” Malcolm also notes the recent downturn in the mining sector and its associated infrastructures/support industries as a growing industry problem, pointing out that while the first homebuyer market remains semi-buoyant, the second to high-end markets have become subdued. “This is due not only to the downturn in the industry, but the resultant insecurities of people not knowing if they will have a job tomorrow, or have income and an earning capacity into the future. I think one of the biggest challenges we have, which our Federal Government hasn’t yet realised, is basically people’s personal insecurities and uncertainty.”


Malcolm Goode started out in Perth at age 15, moving from the country with a suitcase and $60 in his pocket. After receiving both his design Qualifications and his Building Diploma, he worked for number of different Architects/Planners, before joining A.V. Jennings Homes, eventually becoming the Area Manager of Housing in Perth, one of the youngest in the history of the company to hold the title. “I became somewhat disillusioned with the project industry however,” he says, “so after a many years, I stepped back from the job, took a few months to consider the future, and then we set off on a journey with Artique Homes to provide not only high quality craftsmanship, but also to ensure total honesty with our clients. I think that’s one of the tributes that we can gain with all the people in the organisation.” Originally a carpenter, John Glorie became a Registered Builder in order to achieve similar aspirations; to work as a high-quality craftsman within the industry, whilst avoiding the hassles and insecurities associated with operating as a project builder. “Certainly the project builders have their market,” says Malcolm, “but we chose to operate at a different level to make sure that we have a conscience. Quality has many different levels, and I think that’s one of the problems that we have with the perception of housing in Western Australia and, indeed, across all of Australia. We prefer to challenge our clients to make sure that the homes are of the highest craftsmanship. We don’t work to minimum standards with our engineering, product inclusions, design or construction; we work to the highest standards, which is why we take a little bit longer with both the planning and construction, to gently nurture the home along, ensuring that there will be no future problems. We are very particular about the products we select and use, in order to make sure that they outlast the house as with the style of the home to ensure that each is Timeless in style. The standard of workmanship, the standard for fittings and fixtures, and the standard and level of the service that we provide, are all at the craftsmanship level, with no shortcuts, no hidden extras, and the highest standard of building that can be performed.” CHOOSE YOUR BUILDER BEFORE YOU CHOOSE YOUR HOME – ARTIQUE HOMES


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