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Bing Boy is a new food concept that brings urban Asian street cuisine to Australia in a national franchise format. Established in 2011, Bing Boy’s first store was located in the Southern Cross Arcade in the Adelaide CBD. After expanding into Victoria in 2012, Bing Boy has grown to operate 34 locations across four states including Queensland and Western Australia.

Bing Boy’s business offering is divided into various categories. First is the company’s product – its menu – consisting of eight varieties of bing: a thin wheat omelette wrap filled with egg, green onions, coriander, sesame seeds, wonton pieces and a selection of fillings.

Another important aspect of the Bing Boy franchise is the buying experience itself: “The way we deliver the products, the way we cook the products, it’s quite unique compared with other retailers,” says Managing Director Ming Ma.

,Bing Boy is also constantly investigating new methods of delivering additional value to its customer base.

As the company is still in its development phase, Bing Boy values every prospective franchisee who makes an enquiry..

“Bing Boy is steadily expanding across all states in Australia,” Mr Ma says. “We encourage prospective franchisees to contact us to learn more, but they all must meet the high standards that we have set within our selection criteria. The quality of our franchisees is a critical aspect of our business. If the franchisee is doing well, our business will do well.”

In order for Bing Boy to grow in a steady and sustainable manner, Mr Ma feels that a focus on customer experience is its highest priority.

“The name Bing Boy signifies urban Asian culture,” he says, “and we are trying to position our brand to be a travelling experience for our customers. We are going to bring in street foods from all different countries in Asia, such as Vietnam and Cambodia. When people talk about travelling, it’s always exciting and that’s something we want to offer that will set us apart from the crowd.”

Strong working relationships with key suppliers and industry associations is also very important for Bing Boy, particularly during its early years.

“We certainly value the relationships we have with our suppliers and support agencies, and are always looking at ways to strengthen these ties to benefit everyone,” he says..”

National growth is another primary topic on Bing Boy’s agenda, but Mr Ma is aware of the challenges the franchise must overcome in order to achieve that goal.

“The greatest difficulty that we face as a business is that we’re still relatively young,” he explains, “but the next task for us is to grow our understanding of our customer; who they are, what they like, where they come from, and what additional value they are seeking from us. That’s the major challenge for all retailers.”

Born and raised in China, Mr Ma moved to Australia in 2001, attending high school in Adelaide. He moved to Melbourne for university in 2004, graduating in 2006. In 2007, he returned to Adelaide and made the decision to open his own business before officially opening the doors to Bing Boy in 2011. He continues to build upon his education and is currently in the process of completing a degree in both business administration and marketing.

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