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Bluewater Building Co is a family-owned custom design and construction building company based in Dunsborough. In operation since November 2007, Bluewater now specialises in the construction of large-scale custom homes tailored towards a wide ranging demographic from professional couples, to families to retirees. After receiving numerous inquiries from interested parties in Perth, the company has opened a second office in North Fremantle, catering to clients who prefer a Southwest style home.

Primarily offering a design and construct service, Bluewater’s homes are each individually designed with their specific client’s needs in mind. “We don’t have any plans that are off the shelf, so whenever a client comes to us, we’re building something that’s unique and designed just for them,” says Owner and Supervisor Anton Smith. “We tend to do 1-off custom builds, so that the clients can get their homes built to their specific budgets and requirements.”

Bluewater is currently making a transition from the construction of homes in the mid-$500000 range to larger, $500000 – $1 million projects, including a a 3-storey home in Dunsborough, built with a combination of masonry and timber framing. “We have just started earthworks on this home” says Anton. “The owner is a repeat client who built a beautiful award winning home with us 2 years ago. She is very excited to be taking the journey with us again and has commented that she is much more relaxed this time and has confidence from past experience that Bluewater Building will deliver the goods on this million dollar plus contract.”

Over the past 7 years, Bluewater has been the recipient of over 25 industry awards, earning 6 MBA Southwest Excellence awards in 2014 alone, including Additions and Alterations over $500000, and Contract Home $700000 – $1 Million. However, Anton feels that Bluewater’s most important achievement was its MBA Southwest Best New Builder award in 2010. “There’s a lot of builders in Dunsborough,” he says, “and when you get singled out like that, it’s quite an honour.”

Bluewater has been a member of the MBA since the company’s founding, with Anton working as a committee member in the Southwest region since 2014. “The staff and manager that they have in the southwest region is a credit to the organisation, and it does a lot for us,” he says. Bluewater also makes a point to support local trades and suppliers, in most cases working with the same groups as it has since 2007.

Remarking increasing activity within the market, Anton is optimistic about the future growth of the industry. “We’re seeing some movement, and I’m hoping that it’s something that might last,” he says. “I think next year for us is going to be busy, and I’m hoping that that continues on. Southwest Western Australia is a unique environment, what we build here is totally different from what’s built in Perth. If people are moving down here and building their home, they don’t want to build a brick and tile home, they want to build something that’s framed and a little bit different. It’s a very good market to be in.”

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