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Over the last year, BT Transport & Logistics have strived to adapt to some great challenges as they focused on further expansion of the business into untouched sectors of the industry while also promoting constant customer satisfaction. Chief Executive Officer Phillip Mills is grateful for the progress made by himself and his teammates, including the expansion of company parameters towards Western Australia to accommodate a larger client demographic. “I am pleased to announce that our customer service ratings from our annual customer survey confirmed that we have improved in many areas of our business, particularly in terms of our communication prior, during, and post freight movements,” he says in the latest issue of the company’s self-published Beattie Times. “We have also formed two new strategic alliances, in Darwin and in Perth, which have seen us move to bigger and better premises in those two locations. Moreover, we extended our partnerships in Melbourne and Sydney, enabling us to deliver a better service to our clients.”

BT Transport & Logistics happily provides transport services for a variety of materials including “drill casing, steel piping, modular buildings, over size flat racks and all manner of drill rigs,” and have also been trained to handle consolidation and destuffing of cargo; they place great emphasis on communication and attention to detail in every work environment and make sure to connect with ship masters, stevedores, owners and lease operators to ensure that each shipment is delivered correctly, and in the most efficient fashion possible. Even if they need to go “under the ships hooks,” import and export of cargo between land and sea is a crucial part of business. Close relationships with international freight forwarders and shipping lines help give BT Transport & Logistics the boost they need to ensure cargo arrives on time and in its best condition.


Entrusted by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to ship various new pieces of equipment, BT Transport & Logistics has provided continuous support to their Joint Logistics Unit (JLU). Late last year, the company’s Defence & Military Logistics sector was lucky enough to assist with the transport of new L121 ADF logistics vehicles to Garden Island, New South Wales from Monegeetta, Victoria and back, so that they could be observed by the ADF’s Standing Order panel; this project required a meticulous timeline and distribution plan, which BT Transport & Logistics worked hard to achieve “The precision required by our Defence & Military Logistics teams to ensure that all defence movements travel safely to and from site is simply no accident,” says Steve Moore, General Manager of Projects & Defence. “At BT Defence & Military Logistics we take all consolidations seriously. Our client is the ultimate client in the ADF, and the JLU place strict demands on BT in terms of the on-time movements, uplift dates and times, as well as Required Deliver Date (RDD). Importantly, at BT, our drivers remain the face of our business on the ground with the defence personnel and suppliers at uplift and delivery points nationally around Australia, demonstrating their commitment to the ‘Can Do People’ and willingness to assist the defence personnel on site, compliance to fatigue regulations and importantly ensuring no damage in transit.


The BT national operations teams are our customer service centres with direct online contact with both defence Points of Contact (POC), ensuring that the drivers arrive on time to consolidate and depart safely, monitoring each consignment in transit, on-time delivery, and reporting back to the JLUs with the freight order (FO) in-transit data as required by the ADF and JLU. Well done to our BT Drivers, Operations and Compliance teams for all the defence tasks that we perform weekly. Defence & Military projects like these don’t just happen without huge amounts of preplanning, scheduling, constant review and updating of these plans and, most importantly, effectively communicating to all stakeholders involved; as a reward for our efforts BT made them appear to be quite simple in the effective delivery of our pursuit to support the national defence of our wonderful country.”


BT Transport & Logistics is also in proud partnership with CFCL Australia in regards to its expansion programs throughout Queensland; their assistance to the Queensland government in rejuvenating large portions of railway as a result of devastation and floods required their Adelaide branch to work closely as a project lead with the CFCLA “fabrication, distribution and delivery project team” out of Kilburn to develop a “strong value proposition” to ultimately ensure an outstanding finished product. “CF Rail received a range of accolades in terms of the on-time delivery, our drivers not pushing too hard to get there, and no damage in transit,” says Moore. “Well done to our drivers, operations and compliance teams! “Projects like these require huge amounts of infrastructure planning, fleet capacity and dedicated ‘Can Do People’ to manage the project from uplift to delivery. Multiple road managers across three states were working towards a common goal, delivering a great outcome of this extremely complex logistical challenge. Congratulations to the BT Team in delivering another great value proposition to our partners in CFCLA.”
Maintaining a positive, Can Do attitude is an integral practice for the company’s staff, suppliers, and clients. According to Mills, each individual employee can be viewed as a salesperson representing the company – as such, their well-being is important in order to guarantee complete success. Concise job descriptions have been prepared in order for employees to further understand their significance within the company and how their next individual steps can benefit BT Transport & Logistics as a whole. “Every single job in a company has vast importance, and far too often people lack an appreciation or an understanding of just how impactful each position is to the overall success or failure of a business,” he says. “To ensure everyone at BT understands their importance in the overall success of our business, we continue to evolve our HR platform, ensuring all job descriptions and position outcomes are aligned with the overall strategy of the business.”


Relationships with subcontractors are equally as important, and BT Transport & Logistics has further solidified these by ensuring fair and timely compensation. Furthermore, they have implemented 7 Day Payment Terms by request to ensure that subcontractors are comfortable enough to make each trip successful with more than enough personal gain to spare; this level of efficiency helps guarantee a positive response from customers – a huge contribution to the company’s success. “At BT, customer satisfaction is our true measure of quality. We work hard every day to live up to our promise, delivering innovative distribution solutions that are driven by service. Every person within our business contributes their part, directly or indirectly, to achieving a result that meets or even exceeds customer expectations.”


Mills began his career in the industry in 1969, carting for TNT Railfast at the age of 16. He joined BT Transport & Logistics in 2011 with hopes to further improve their track record for “client satisfaction, financial stability and growth, and employees with a workplace that breeds excellence.” Now, with over 80 employees and subcontractors on his team, he intends to increase the company’s existing success, as well as its ongoing commitment to quality customer service. “We now have locations on both sides of Melbourne and are exploring opportunities at two locations in Sydney,” he says. “Looking ahead, 2016 has commenced strongly in most states, particularly Western Australia; however, we expect it to be another challenging year with the economic climate remaining challenging in many sectors. Nevertheless, our strategy and vision are strong and we are starting to make progress in new markets where I am confident that we will beat the testing trading conditions by continuing to improve, expand and innovate, and by continuing to engage with our customers to understand their needs and strengthen our partnerships.”

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