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BTi Logistics is a privately owned third
party logistics provider with over 30
years of industry experience. Originally
established in Melbourne as the Bechtrans
Group of Companies in 1981, the group
operated exclusively with the United States as
an N.V.O.C.C. until 1988. A new management
group was appointed soon after, and after
consolidation of the business the company’s
name was changed to BTi Logistics in order
to better reflect its current Total Supply Chain
management activities within their Australian,
New Zealand and Singapore offices.
Providing a flexible, complete and
comprehensive range of import and export
services, BTi is a specialist in motor sports,
warehousing and distribution, pick-up and
packaging, bonded warehousing, and custom
tariff consulting with an emphasis on high value
vehicles and parts as well as fashion Items.
”We really cover the whole suite of options
open to clients of ours.” says Managing
Director Fred Parakh. “We tailor ourselves to
meet the requirements of our clients. If they
want a phone call, an e-mail, IT integration, or
literal communication, we find the way to make
it fit our service levels.”
As a non-asset based company, BTi
Logistics makes a point to hire and work
with individuals who take their environmental
responsibilities seriously. The company is also
working to increase their sustainability and
reduce overall cost through the streamlining of
their operations. ”The rates in the marketplace
are very competitive,” Parakh explains, “and
we are continuously evaluating and striving to
meet the market by adjusting our operations to
meet the expectations of the clients.”
The importance of IT in the modern
logistics industry is monumental, and BTi
makes use of such technology to provide total
visibility to their clients, without restricting
business. Staying connected with their offices
and agents allows them to monitor and control
all freight movements from the time the order
is placed, keeping their clients well informed
of shipment status at all times thanks to their
online tracker. “Our processes these days are
very reliant on intelligent, highly mechanised
The highest quality of service in a challenging environment

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