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With “over 60 years’ experience” in the produce market, Cutri Fruit has perfected stone fruit from sapling to storefront. Owned and operated by third-generation farmer Gaethan Cutri, and conveniently located near the banks of the Murray River, Cutri Fruit strives to provide its quality stone fruit products both locally and internationally. “Built on integrity, honesty and long-lasting customer relationships,” the company’s high tech, microclimate facilities allow them to “grow, pack and sell direct to buyers.” Each variety of apricot, peach, plum and nectarine is packed in-house to preserve freshness and assure the best quality control standards possible.


It all starts in the orchards; with the richest soil in the district, combined with the best amount of daylight hours and high chill units for optimal growth, the trees are closely monitored by Cutri Fruit’s diligent staff to ensure that their fruits reach their sweetest taste and highest nutritional potential with less chemical residue. To ensure close consistency, the company uses two growing orchards within 30 kilometres of each other – in Woorinen and Wood Wood, West Victoria; collectively, they contain 650 planted acres, with an extra 300 acres for additional growth. Radio-wave technology is used to communicate between employees, and to the orchards’ CPU system, to make sure that the precise needs of the trees are addressed as needed; a moderate amount of staff is always present at Cutri Fruit to ensure that all requests are met as soon as possible.


Once harvested, the fresh stone fruit is taken to the “brand new, truly world-class” packing facility, where the fruit is sorted according to Compac standards, then examined and graded using infrared technology. In order to preserve product freshness during the sorting and packing processes, the facility is fully insulated to keep the product at an ideal temperature, using variable speed fans and forced air cooling. Throughout each hour, approximately 80 bins are processed through the grading and packing system for export; they are then loaded directly onto the trucks from storage – a method “proven to increase both the quality and the shelf life” of the fruit. Certified Fresh – the company’s exporting arm – delivers all high quality stone and citrus fruit, mangoes, grapes and strawberries throughout Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Deliveries are always guaranteed to be on time, and Cutri Fruit’s advanced system allows every step to be accurately tracked down to the tree.


Evidently, Cutri Fruit is highly dedicated to quality assurance for their products, every step of the way; they are currently existing members of Horticulture Innovation Australia, The Victorian Farmers Federation and Global GAP, and have a variety of health and safety certifications including Woolworths Quality Assurance (WQA) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). Staff are trained in “all aspects of hygiene, food handling and safety practices,” participate routine quality assurance audits, and even have their own QA team to ensure that Cutri Fruit’s perfection remains uncompromised.

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