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Ecosave was founded in 2002 by Marcelo Rouco and operated as a private company until earlier in 2013, when it became a listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange. Ecosave has grown steadily over that period and now has thirty-five staff working within Australia. In July of this year, Ecosave finalised the acquisition of a Philadelphia-based business and now operates in the United States as well.

As a performance-based energy services company, Ecosave provides a range of services that focus on the delivery of energy and water efficiency outcomes for clients, particularly in the upgrading of buildings and facilities to use less energy and water. Ecosave’s two core services are Guaranteed Energy (and water) Saving Projects (GESP) and Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs). The company also offers a number of utility management services, including continuous commissioning, energy management and bill verification, as well as many other auxiliary offerings to deliver energy efficiency outcomes.

Whilst supporting a number of industry bodies, such as the Energy Efficiency Council, Ecosave has maintained an active involvement in shaping and reviewing programs developed by state and federal governments.

The company also takes an active approach in educating clients on the latest developments in the energy efficiency industry and on new performance-based delivery models, such as energy efficiency service agreements.

“Energy management is critically important,” says Chief Operating Officer Robin Archibald. Increasing electricity prices have provided a financial driver for companies and organisations to reduce their expenditure, additionally, there are a number of benefits from an environmental perspective. These benefits range from the reduction of carbon emissions through to the reduction of electricity infrastructure costs across the country.

As a specialist water and energy efficiency company, energy management is Ecosave’s primary focus as a business. Dedicated to improving energy efficiency outcomes throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States, the company is also active in the innovation of new products and services within the sector. Its  intention is to remove barriers that prevent organisations from meeting their energy efficiency and energy management goals.

One of Ecosave’s recent projects was a complex Energy Performance Contract for the City of Sydney. The main project was spread across forty-seven sites, of varying types and sizes, and included the provision of an energy savings guarantee on the energy upgrade works.

“There’s a whole range of challenges that we face in the delivery of energy efficiency outcomes, both in terms of technology and logistics, but we are renowned for overcoming these obstacles,” says Robin. Ecosave is due to start a new project for Parks Victoria, which involves providing solutions for some very remote locations, only accessible by boat or helicopter.

Ecosave considers its relationships with industry bodies and suppliers to be of significant importance, as they have played a major part in its success. The company is involved with a variety of organisations, many of which they support through the delivery of education to the business community. A significant part of Ecosave’s work is to identify the latest technologies in the market , then trial and verify the energy savings achieved. As a result, the group is very active in discussions with a range of suppliers, both within Australia and overseas, to ensure delivery of the most efficient solutions to clients.

With a background in engineering, Robin feels that he was fortunate to begin his career working for a small company that specialised in the delivery of energy efficiency services. “It has been a rewarding and challenging industry to work in, I’ve retained that viewpoint throughout my career,” he says. Significant milestones for Robin include NABs Carbon Neutral Journey, which Ecosave contributed to through implementation of energy savings projects, across more than 200 sites, and taking over as manager of Australian operations, from Ecosave’s founder, which provides further opportunity to grow the business.

Robin has built a number of energy efficiency service delivery teams over the course of his career, for a number of different organisations. He most recently joined Ecosave as the COO, running operations in Australia and New Zealand.

“Now that we are ASX listed, we have a range of options available to us, in terms of business growth, acquisitions and reinvestment in the business,” Archibald explains. “A key objective is to integrate those activities and grow the business into a major player in the global energy efficiency market.”

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