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For over 6 years, Future Sustainability has provided Queenslanders with the supply and installation of exceptional energy efficient solar power solutions.  During this time the founders; Lliam Ricketts, Peter Britten and John Degotardi strived to represent only quality manufacturers while focusing solely on the customers’ needs and the quality of their installations. As a result of the highly efficient management team, Future Sustainability has grown significantly due to their flexibility in adapting to the constant changing energy efficient systems market.

Before the supply or installation of a solution has begun, the business offers their commercial clients a consultancy service to review their current retail electricity contract and examine their energy use patterns. This often reveals interesting findings concerning where energy is being wasted, and once a proper solution is developed, such as a consumption system that meets their base line energy use; it can result in substantial savings. John notes that Future Sustainability is “passionate about solar and energy efficiency where it makes commercial sense. Solar contributes significantly to the savings on the energy bill for a dwelling or building, and should thus be considered as an important aspect of the structural environment.”

Countless hours are spent examining the Manufacturer, Australian and International standards for installation of all electrical requirements related to the solar power solution prior to the commencement of a project. Although the reliance of solar technology has been proven for over 30 years; achieving the right design, understanding the unique site qualities of the installation and recruiting the highest quality installers remain critical to the process. “Subject to meeting these requirements, there is virtually no risk for the solar solution not generating as calculated. To avoid any issues from arising, Future Sustainability has the highest quality control measures in place to make sure every component involved in the job is checked, confirmed and reconfirmed as appropriate for the application”, says John. However, complexities with solar installations are typically financial or technical, but Future Sustainability is adept at navigating these minor difficulties. The company provides innovative financing models by using the returns generated on the electricity produced to assist community-based organisations as well as commercial customers wishing to reduce their capital expenditure. Concerning technically challenging projects, such as installations above 30kW, Future Sustainability works with the property owner to utilise the features of their property to create maximum energy generation capacity.

The solar industry is advancing at an unbelievable rate; according to John, “five years ago in this industry was a life time ago.” This is evident by the fact that solar products are currently 4 times cheaper and electricity prices are 2 times higher than 5 years ago.  The industry strives to be commercially practical compared to alternatives such as coal electricity, and John reassures that “we have well and truly passed the equilibrium point in terms of energy efficiency being viable for Australian residential and commercial use.” The challenge is in continuing to educate the public concerning the benefits of energy efficient systems and encouraging other industry members to strive for innovation while meeting the highest standards for their products and installation processes.

Solar power is a fast-paced, exciting industry that has proven to be innovative and responsive to the environmental challenges facing society in this century. Individuals who have invested in solar now firmly support the industry by both referring other customers and being strong industry advocates to Government. However, the industry must further stabilize before John believes there can be an increase in consolidation. This can be made possible by investing in education for the public on energy efficiency performance, results and case studies. John credits Future Sustainability’s success in an ever maturing industry as “being true to our engagement philosophy of quality products, commercial viability and ethical business practices.”


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