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Looking for a clean, efficient way to protect vulnerable surfaces during construction? Don`t Wreck It `Goop It`.

Created in 2001 by Shane and Kirstee Copley, Goop Guys has sought to fill a necessary need in the construction market, helping to prevent costly damage to windows, floors, bathtubs, bench tops, concrete , flooring and more. Goop rolls onto surfaces like paint, then, when no longer required is easily peeled away leaving the surfaces in pristine condition. Goop Guys early success allowed the launch of a franchise system in 2006 to cover clients in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia, Goop Guys also export their Goop to various loyal overseas Customers.

“Goop Guys offers a supply and install service to its clients,” says Kirstee. “Our company is not only based on a great product, it is also highly focused on customer service. We want to be renowned as one of the best service-driven companies within the construction industry. For this reason, we must maintain great relationships with our clients and other companies within the industry. We find that our raving fans bring us business, and truly understand and share the value of our services.”

As their Franchisee and Customer bases expand, Goop Guys Head Office conducts continuous product assessment in order to guarantee Goop’s top-notch performance for every working environment; this allows perspective consumers and representatives to retain trust within the company, and learn to rely on a low cost, low overhead product to protect their assets as well as their bottom line. Even in today’s tough economy, Goop Guys has managed to hold their ground as a reputable business and preserve their role as a smart, solution focused company.

“The industry has the potential to dwindle down due to the current global economic state,” says Kirstee. “We are starting to see signs of this in Australia due to the mining downturn. The exporting market is dropping, and this is creating less money left to be invested within the construction industry. Whilst this is definitely occurring, we are finding that we are busier than ever. Our product is extremely useful at reducing costs – stress and headaches – for our Clients.

Over the years, my husband has formulated and perfected Goop to be the non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly product it is today. We are constantly looking at ways to better Goop and creating new products for different industries. We now have additional products to protect vehicles and spray booths for the automotive industry. We started this company when we had young children, with hard work, passion, drive and loyal Quality Focused Customers, I am extremely happy with how it is now. We pride ourselves on being Australian-made, and a family business.”

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