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Gunnebo is a leading global provider of quality security solutions. The group first entered the Australian market through the acquisition of Chubb Lock and Safe in 2000, taking over the company’s safe and lock product distribution throughout the country. Taking control of the business in January of 2003, Country Manager Dan Turner saw Gunnebo begin to offer additional products and services that it was selling elsewhere in the global market under its brand, and eventually acquire the local distributor for its entrance control products in 2008, as well as API Security, a major local competitor in the cash management equipment sector in 2010.


Gunnebo Australia’s product catalogue is diverse and expansive, featuring vaults, vault doors, safes, and safe deposit locker products for banks, and conventional safes and cash handling devices for retail clients. The company is also known as an industry leader for its barrier devices, such as night windows and anti-attack doors, which prevent armed robbery and attacks on staff.


In the Australian and New Zealand markets, Gunnebo’s customer base is primarily comprised of retailers, banks and commercial customers. “Retail is probably the fastest growing part of our business,” says Mr Turner. “We also deal with small businesses such as locksmiths and security resellers, who buy and resell our Chubb Safes brand, a very strong brand in this market.” The company’s other major partners work within the building and project industries for corporate and commercial clients, usually large construction companies, government departments buying entrance control products, high security entrance control for prisons, or vaults for weapons storage in armouries.


Many of Gunnebo’s most important industry partnerships are with specifiers, such as architects, security consultants, and designers. “They are people that we tend to spend as much time with as possible,” Dan says. “We want to understand the project that they’re working on, and what their clients are demanding of them, and we also want to make them aware of the solutions that we can provide.” Through an understanding of the demands of their partners’ clients, Gunnebo is able to ensure that its product development and sourcing matches those requirements, helping the company to maintain a fresh and relevant product range. Gunnebo also works with an exclusive group of key suppliers, each of which play critical roles in the installation and customisation of the company’s products.


State security licencing has been an ongoing issue of contention for large-scale operations such as Gunnebo. While the process is relatively simple for businesses operating within a single state, companies that operate on a national scale must acquire a licence for itself and its entire staff for every jurisdiction that it operates in. “It is unnecessary red tape, duplication of effort, and we see absolutely no value in it whatsoever,” says Dan. “It costs money and costs time, and there are serious implication is you overlook your commitments. It’s a burden to the business.”


Dan Turner has worked with Gunnebo for over 20 years in a variety of locales and roles. Joining Gunnebo Australia in 2003, Dan has witnessed the business more than double in size, regain profitability, and become a market leader in entrance control solutions, cash handling solutions, and Chubb Safe branded secure storage solutions. In the coming year, Mr Turner intends to innovate in cash handling, bringing a fresh solution to what has become a highly competitive environment. “Retail is our largest and fastest growing business area, and it’s under intense margin pressure,” he says. “They’re looking for solutions that will improve operational efficiency, and contribute to bottom line profitability. Our goal is to deliver real profit improvement for those customers.”

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