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Health CareAustralia prides itself on having a reputable world class health care system. Australia`s healthcare system consists of a private, public mix ensuring that every citizen, regardless of personal circumstance has access to superior health care services. The Australian Medicare system provides first-rate public health care services with no additional costs; whilst the private health care system is funded through insurance payments to allow citizens a wider variety of health care options.

The Australian government is continually evaluating and identifying population trends to ensure that the health care system evolves to constantly meet population needs. There has been expansive recognition of the growing ageing population, thus initiating planning of physical, social and economic environments to meet the needs of future Australian senior citizens.

Age Friendly Housing and Neighbourhoods, have been recognized to have a positive effect on older Australians, as such there is a widespread movement towards Retirement Villages across Australia; to ensure that population needs will be fulfilled in the near future. The Australia government and private institutions continuously strive to identify key areas that will need to foster change for the future, through rigorous ideas of innovations, accessibility and transparency.

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