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Instant Waste Management is a family run business and also the largest privately owned waste management and recycling company in Western Australia. Even though being predominately focused on the construction and demolition industries they continue to deliver a wide array of services, “Our services range from waste collections and recycling all the way through to fully integrated waste collection contracts” states Jake Hickey, State Resource Development Manager at Instant Waste Management.


The company originated from humble beginnings, starting with a couple of trucks to currently operating an entire fleet of over a hundred vehicles, delivering skip bins & a large range of bins. With a committed management team lead by the founding Directors, they have changed the face of modern recycling in WA.


Instant Waste Management doesn’t just manage waste – “we maximise recycling and resource regeneration opportunities” emphasises Jake “We are leaders in the environmental space in regards to recycling waste rather than landfilling it”. The company provides sustainable solutions for recycling construction waste and is involved in various non-profit organisations and associations that promote responsible waste management. The team goes as far as even advising the government on recycling solutions.


This determination is particularly important, due to Western Australia’s recycling rates lagging behind the rest of the country quite radically. “We are the worst mainland state for recycling and we produce the most waste per capita,” advises Jake. “So we are really behind the eight ball in that.” In fact, as a state, Western Australia only recycles approximately 30 percent of its construction demolition waste. “The team wants to see WA excel in the level of responsible waste management in comparison to other regions of Australia” explains Jake “we really want to bring WA closer to the Eastern States’ recycling targets”.


Instant Waste Management has recently opened a leading edge Material Recovery Facility to better serve the industry. “It is the first fully integrated, state of the art construction and demolition material recovery facility in WA,” Jake reports “the company has invested around $15 million into the project over the last two years and is now reaping the benefits”.


Perhaps best of all, the total recovery facility can recycle between 80 to 90 per cent of construction demolition waste in a single skip bin system. “That is really a very crucial factor,” Jake points out “there is no need to source separate anymore.”


In the past, it was best practice to categorise waste onsite, but this solution was never efficient. “The subcontractors and the builders just didn’t do it,” Jake admits “nobody would! – Behaviour change was difficult to implement and it was costly as well.”


The Material Recovery Facility can treat and process over 200,000 tons of mixed C&D waste every year. It occupies half a kilometre worth of conveyor line, as well as the latest in recycling technology, including a rotating electromagnet, a floatation tank, a sand oscillation screen, and one of the largest shredders that has ever been imported into the Western Australian recycling industry. These machines are able to extract an outstanding variety of materials from the construction and demolition waste including sand, wood, metals, brick, light materials, and concrete. Moreover, many of these recovered materials will ultimately be returned to the Western Australian construction industry. For example, the metal that the electromagnet removes will be shipped away for further processing, then used as reinforcement inside the state’s concrete structures. The sand that the facility recovers is also put to good use, since this building material is remarkably scarce in Western Australia. “We live along the desert, but it’s quite ironic that we’re actually still five million tons short every year of sand that is needed to build in WA,” Jake explains. .”

Jake believes that, with the help of its customers, Instant Waste Management will be able to continue achieving higher and higher levels of recycling; in actual fact, the company is aiming for an ultimate goal of zero waste to landfill. Jake knows that this is an aspiring dream. “Zero waste is a very challenging number to achieve,” he confesses “this would be an unbelievable achievement”. And, when Instant Waste Management’s current level of success is taken into consideration, it is easy to believe that that this noteworthy goal may just be around the corner.


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