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Established in 1993, Komplete Construction is a Balmain-based builder specialising in architecturally designed up-market projects, with a strong focus on quality. Over the past 22 years, the company has been recognised with a variety of awards, including two prestigious categories in 2011 as winner of the NSW Master Builder of the year, in addition to Best Contract Home over $8 Million. Komplete’s projects range between $1 and $10 million in locations throughout Sydney’s suburbs. With over 30 years of experience in commercial and residential construction, the company’s Director, Kanaan Kanaan, found a niche within the market to provide high-end quality buildings. Komplete’s inception was the result of his desire to build beautifully designed homes, with a focus on natural materials and finishes such as stone, timber, copper, zinc and, most notably, “board form” concrete. “Komplete’s growth has been a result of our consistent delivery of quality projects,” “We enjoy building structures of quality and elegance; a home or space that owners can be proud of.”

 Komplete’s primary aim is to bring to every project it undertakes to the highest quality of finish, with expert attention to detail. As such, each project is appointed a carefully selected site and office team for its duration, as well as Kanaan’s guaranteed involvement, allowing for quick, pragmatic on site decision making. The structure of the business allows the client direct access to the Director throughout the project’s life cycle, which in turn opens up communication between the client, architect and the builder, who are then able to work as together to make alterations and improvements, or implement design changes at any stage of the construction process. “The ultimate aim is the enhancement of the client’s experience throughout this process, and exceeding any of the clients original expectations leading into construction,” Kanaan explains, noting that the team’s experience allows the company to offer advice during the design phase as well. “We believe at this ‘grassroots’ stage, before any earth has been turned, is where we can offer cost effective solutions to our clients without compromising on any aspect of quality or the original design intent.” Komplete also makes a point of undertaking a limited amount of projects at any given time, allowing the company to dependably maintain its award winning standards.

When presented with the opportunity, Komplete Construction thrives on working alongside architects and consultants to achieve not only a high-end building that exceeds its client’s expectations, but an ecologically sustainable one as well. “We believe this is a must in today’s environment,” says Kanaan. “The sustainability of the building is determined in the design phase and this is where we like to get heavily involved.” The company is particularly skilled in the determination of ideal site orientation for the maximisation of natural lighting, heating and cooling at all times of the day, the implementation of sustainable building products, such as recycled timbers, stone, and aggregates, and the smart use of concrete and masonry products to optimize thermal efficiency. Kanaan also points out that the high thermal mass of concrete and brickwork allow for a passive solar designed home that achieves a high degree of temperature control and stability regardless of the outside conditions, and the use of smart home automation systems enable timer settings and full control of energy efficient LED lighting, blinds, and air conditioning systems, resulting in a dramatically lower carbon footprint for the building. “We are always on the lookout for new ways to make our buildings as energy efficient and sustainable as possible.”

Komplete Construction recently began the construction of The Short Lane Apartments in Surry Hills, consisting of 22 Boutique Apartments as well as ground floor retail and commercial spaces. The building, which is located at the heart of the Surry Hills precinct, was designed by Woods & Bagot, an international architecture firm. The project’s main feature is the incorporation of ‘board formed’ concrete finish to both the façade and internal areas, achieved through the use of sandblasted Oregon timber secured to the structural form ply prior to the concrete pour. As the formwork is stripped post concrete pour, the impression left on the buildings concrete finish is an exact replication of the individual timber board that it was formed against. Due to the nature of this exposed finish Komplete have had to design ways to incorporate the placement of all services within the slab, including mechanical, to ensure that this finish is in no way tarnished with exposed service pipes, ducts or fittings. “There has been a lot of interest from various other architects in Sydney, as these are the first high end apartments to be built in this area,” “As such it is our vision for the building to be an icon for years to come.” Komplete is also currently engaged in the construction of 3 large residential dwellings, located in the Eastern suburbs and Sydney’s inner West.

Since its establishment, Komplete Construction has won numerous contract housing awards in categories ranging from $500,000 to over $8 million. The company’s crowning achievement was its 2011 MBA NSW Master Builder of the Year Award for a new dwelling in Vaucluse, designed by Tanner Architects. Komplete was also the winner of the 2011 Contract Houses Award for $8 Million and Above, the 2007 and 2005 Contract Houses Awards for $2.5 Million to $3 Million, a merit in 1999 for Dual Occupancy Dwellings over $150000, and the 1998 Contract Houses Award for $550000 to $1 Million. “Our aim is simple;”, “quality without compromise.”

The development of positive relationships with industry related associations is of the utmost importance to Komplete, especially within the current economic environment.

Kannan, who has been a proud member of the Master Builders Association since Komplete’s inception, views the organisation’s services as invaluable to those operating within the construction industry. “They provide members with up-to-date information in regards to building-related legal matters, industrial relations issues, safety alerts, and all building code and compliance information,” he says, adding that membership with the MBA also provides access to the frequent roadshows and seminars that it offers, allowing for interaction with like-minded professionals within the industry and enabling the development of future relationships. Kanaan also stresses the importance of forging close bonds with suppliers to the operation of a successful construction business. “Key suppliers are forever passing new information over to us in regards to new products and materials that are available on the market, or enhancements to existing products, allowing us to maintain an edge over our competitors and offer our clients the best possible product to meet their individual construction requirements,” he says. “The forming of these relationships can ultimately result in the success or failure of a construction company, and that fact is definitely not lost on us at Komplete Constructions, where we endeavor to further enhance these relationships wherever we can.”

Kanaan feels that changes within the government represent the greatest potential challenge for those working within the industry. “Regardless of who is in power, it is a main concern for the building industry that they maintain a pro-infrastructure approach, with the long term view of sustainability in investment and all aspects of infrastructure development for the benefit of future generations to come,” he says, noting the constraint of capital supply and conservative lending measures by the banks as another significant challenge. While wary of the relaxed measures that resulted in the American housing crisis during the GFC, Kanaan believes that the lending measures currently in place may deter investors’ confidence due to the access of credit. “Less conservative lending enables more localized investment, as opposed to relying on investment from overseas sources,” he continues. A further aspect of concern for the industry is the current shortage in both skilled labour and industry professionals capable of meeting the market’s demand for quality product. “I strongly believe that every business, large or small has a responsibility to increase the employment of apprentices and cadets,” Kanaan says, “to enable this demand to be met in the future.”

Kanaan Kanaan worked for 10 years within the highrise commercial sector before founding Komplete Constructions in 1993, with the vision of building up-market homes. “The prime focus of the business has always been to deliver architecturally designed and quality built projects, a product which I have always had a love and passion for producing, and one that gives both myself and my dedicated team a great sense of satisfaction and achievement on a daily basis,” he says. “There is nothing more rewarding than standing before a finished home at the date of completion after months of hard work, and saying to yourself ‘We built that!’” Looking towards the New Year, Kanaan’s main objectives for the company are focused around the steady growth of its business model, the ongoing development of the strong relationships formed with both clients and associated construction professionals, and the continued delivery of the quality projects that Komplete is renowned for.


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