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The engagement of apprentices, regarded by the Association as future builders, is another top priority. “We are seeing a steady decrease in the interest in the employment of apprentices, so we must halt that decline and make our industry more attractive to young Australians,” says Seidler. The Association has also noticed an increasing need for workplace health and safety solutions within the industry. “The designers of buildings actually now have an understanding that they have an obligation to design buildings that are safer to construct,” Brian says. “That’s a major issue as well.”


Brian joined the MBANSW as a trainee industrial officer in the 1980’s. 14 years ago, was offered the opportunity to become the Executive Director of the organisation. With a bachelor’s degree in building, Seidler lives and breathes the industry, and has experienced many diverse opportunities within it. “Builders are salt-of-the-earth people, and very easy to represent. Building is the backbone of our economy; everybody needs a home, everybody needs shelter, and people want a well-built environment.

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