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Maygrove Village was developed as part of the Maygrove residential subdivision which commenced in the mid 1980’s. By the late 1990’s the subdivision was nearing completion and the developers, Hopper Developments, elected to create a retirement village on one of the last areas of undeveloped land. The retirement village was developed over a seven year period between 2000 and 2007 and ownership remains with the Hopper family, who also manage the village. It is a standalone village comprising of 190 dwellings and a 50 bed care facility. The dwellings range from small suites to larger 2-storey free standing houses.

Family owned and operated, Maygrove Village is not part of any larger corporate retirement village operation. Services and amenities available to residents include a restaurant, bar lounges, bowling and croquet greens, indoor swimming pool, a gym and numerous rooms where activities such as cards or arts & crafts can be undertaken. The village also offers cleaning and health care services to all their residents. The hospital facility also gives priority admission to any village resident.

Residents in Maygrove Village live independently so it’s their choice as to which (if any) activities within the complex they take part in. Many of the activities are run by the residents themselves using rooms within the village (e.g. art classes, indoor and outdoor bowls, snooker etc.) There are also numerous table activities such as bridge, 500 and Mah Jong. In addition to activities within the village, Maygrove also offers monthly outings to places of interest and events, which are available to all its residents.

The village is surrounded on three sides with security fencing; the fourth boundary adjoins the Orewa Estuary. There is a single vehicle entry with gates which are closed each night. There are also 2 pedestrian gates which offer coded access. The village also employs security personnel for the night. Current residents have stated they feel safe and secure living within the Village. There are call buttons within every dwelling, so if a resident has a medical or other emergency they can call for assistance at any time, a feature that has helped many to choose to make the move to Maygrove.

Maygrove enjoys an excellent reputation in the community. The care facility has a 98% occupancy and for many of the dwellings in the Village there’s a waiting list of prospective residents. The reputation is based on the excellent services provided by staff and the caring and compassionate way that residents’ issues are resolved.

The management and staff at Maygrove are very consistent, with many of the staff having worked at the village since its opening. Management is constantly encouraging staff and providing training to upskill individuals so that they can take on additional responsibilities. There is an ongoing programme of reviewing suppliers and service providers to ensure that the residents get the most competitive pricing for the range of services the village utilises. The Village management has also taken an active interest in the national Retirement Village Association of New Zealand providing assistance to that organisation with statistics as well as advice over the years.

In 2015 Maygrove Village will mostly see business as usual. As sections of the complex will be reaching 15 years old this year, there will be more refurbishment requirements than previous years. A factor that is also affecting other villages. Fortunately, Maygrove established a Long Term Maintenance Fund to which the owners of the complex also “top up” for some other villages where no such fund has been established. The costs of undertaking major rebuilds/refurbishment will prove difficult and this is one area which the industry needs to address. Maygrove will continue to make every endeavour to provide the care & services their residents’ require.

We got the inside scoop from Jeanne Jury, Village Manager, who comes from a background in Journalism and Club Management. Jeanne spent many years running the Pauanui Sports and Recreation Club and then the Whangaparaoa Golf Club. “Both these clubs required a wide range of skillsets to be applied and I believe I was fortunate to get a rounded work experience in looking after the members, their facilities and dealing with legislation affecting such establishments.”, Jeanne advises.

“My key attribute has always been to deal with staff and customers in a fair and honest way.” She was approached to take over the management of Maygrove Village & while she had never worked within the retirement village industry, felt confident that she had the personality to deal with the issues likely to present themselves. Jeanne explains, “In my previous work the Customers left and you were left still working. Within the retirement Village the staff leave at the end of the day and the residents stay behind. One has to ensure that at all times the village can operate in a safe manner for the benefit of its “customers”.”

The one thing she found when entering the retirement village industry was the amount of consumer protection afforded to residents by the Retirement Village Act. “I am fully conversant with the legislative requirements and when applied to management it makes operating the village easy.”

On an off topic note, the village has a racehorse named after it, Maygrove! Now 3, Maygrove is performing extremely well and we all hope to see him make the Melbourne Cup in the near future. Some Maygrove residents were at the yearling sales and simply fell in love with the wee grey. When they couldn’t really come up with something outstanding as a name, the owner picked Maygrove after his fan club. Some of our residents have become regular attendees at the TAB and wish him success, something Maygrove Village has already experienced.

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