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Mojarra is a trusted energy efficiency and renewable energy company. Since its establishment in 2003, the firm has expanded its range of products and services, and is now delivering energy solutions to its industrial, commercial, and public sector customers across Australia. The skills of Mojarra’s employees range from electrical and mechanical engineering to computer science, environmental science and finance. “This blend of experience and training within our staff is important, as the energy efficiency and renewable energy market is an emerging market where new disciplines, fidelities and perspectives are shaping what the future of the industry looks like,“ explains CEO Chris Hay. Mojarra also helps customers understand the available sources of funding and subsidy for their efficiency projects. “Customers are wanting a turnkey solution,” Chris continues, “and this is what we’re focused on delivering.”

The delivery of cost savings through energy efficiency and renewable energy projects is Mojarra’s primary service. Their business model has less to do with a particular type of product or brand, and more with a tailored solution for the individual site or process at hand. This product independence lets them propose the best solutions for each site, while maintaining independent relationships with a range of technology vendors, allowing them to consistently meet the specific needs of any customer. Mojarra develops a superior efficiency model for their customers through a process that starts with a detailed engineering assessment of a site and the development of business cases for each efficiency opportunity which are subsequently ranked based on their potential return on investment, funding opportunities are also assessed and then the project is delivered and may include some or all of the following solutions; energy management systems, power factor correction, voltage optimization, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning optimization, lighting solutions, building management system optimization, renewable energy systems such as solar power, and co-generation systems. Once the project is commissioned Mojarra provides on-going measurement and verification of the savings. Their savings and performance guarantee ensures maximum return of investment for their customers, and eliminates investment risk. Mojarra also works collaboratively with key stakeholders to manage the implementation process in order to deliver real and expected outcomes.

Quality assurance is of the utmost importance to Mojarra. Products are carefully selected according to the specific needs of the project. “This involves a due diligence, to an extent, of the product and manufacturer in terms of its pedigree,” says Hay. As well as the inspection of factors such as proven reliability, the selection process includes a background check of the product’s manufacturer, referencability of the product, and a range of other factors.

Mojarra has delivered projects to hundreds of commercial, industrial and public sectors clients and is currently delivering a range of projects to a variety of clients. Some examples of this include; an integrated solution covering electrical and mechanical services to an aged care facility, deployment of voltage optimization and energy management solutions to a range of supermarket retailers, the implementation of energy management systems for local government authorities, and improvements in lighting and HVAC efficiency for a large group of manufacturing clients. Mojarra is also in the process of delivering a Solar PV project in Western Australia. When this is commissioned, it will be the largest Solar project to be commissioned in Western Australia and one of the largest ever completed in Australia.

The Intelligent Energy Management Systems employed by Mojarra (or Mi-EMS) was grown out of the infrastructure laid down by Europe’s leader in energy management. Mi-EMS delivers energy cost savings by allowing customers to take control of their energy consumption using powerful web-based energy management systems that make the complexities of such a task simple to understand. “Critical information and complex software monitoring is all brought together under the umbrella of Mi-EMS,” explains Chris.

The organizational capability of Mojarra is built around an assessment, implementation, and measurement framework, or A-I-M. Based on the principles of continuous improvement, as well as ISO 50001 standards, the framework was developed with specific reference to Mojarra’s experience in developing and delivering verifiable and sustainable energy and cost savings for their clients.

Chris has a strong belief in the maintenance of close relationships with industry associations, such as the Clean Energy Council and the Energy Efficiency Council, as well as suppliers and other participants in the energy market. “We recognize the importance of this, and understand the importance of partnering and participating in the market in which we operate.”

The health of the Australian economy is of critical importance to the emerging market of the energy efficiency industry. Hay is also encouraging of the government to develop predictable policies and regulations for energy and carbon markets. “That’s important from a business perspective. A level of predictability is important.”

Chris Hay came to Mojarra in 2008 with a very diverse set of experiences. With a history in high-tech startups, acknowledgement consulting, and private equity, his interest in the energy efficiency field was piqued during his undergraduate studies in environmental economics.

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