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“Australia’s sweet corn and fresh bean people”


Since its inception over seventy years ago, Mulgowie Farming Company has been a luminary in the farming industry, and a staple of truly Australian family owned and operated businesses within Queensland Locker Valley. Founders John and Dell Emerick, first established the family’s foot print by laying their plot in what is ranked as top seven most fertile valleys in the world. Since then the company has stayed true to its mantra of family operations, now seeing the next generation take the helm; through John and Dells’ son Rodney, their daughter Leisa as well as their son in law Fabian Carniel.


From Mulgowie Farming Company’s humble beginnings, they have seen accelerated growth over the decades, and now boast a staff of over 500 team members, which oversee operations and managerial responsibilities for a surplus of 14,000 acres of farming land throughout the most fertile regions of Australia. In this regard, Mulgowie’s farms are strategically located across Australia’s east coast from the most northern regions of Queensland, down through to Gippsland, Victoria. This logistical prowess and a network of fifty growers gives Mulgowie a distinct advantage of being able to grow and supply customers all year round, allowing the company to efficiently combat environmental impediments. These locations include; their flagship from in Lockyer Valley in South East Queensland, Home Hill and Bowen in North Queensland, Glen Innes in NSW, as well as the aforementioned Boisdale located in Gippsland, Victoria.

Mulgowie Farming Company has earned and maintained the prestigious reputation of Australia’s largest producer of quality fresh sweet corn and beans. This of course should not overshadow their prominence in relation to the production of celery, pumpkin, baby corn, and broccoli. Mulgowie also provides its customers with convenient options in the form of fresh prepack white and bi-colour corn, fresh ready-to-eat-trimmed beans, fresh prepack celery sticks, as well as ready-to-eat microwaveable cobette packs. These wide array of offerings cement Mulgowies dedication to client and market trend customizations, as well as sustainably efficient growing and production processes. They have branded this product dexterity simply as “Clean & Cut, Fresher…Easier…Healthier, Simply Fresh Produce”.


Now, the issue many mass producers face within the food sector here in Australia and abroad, is maintaining a product line centred on uncompromising quality. However, in the case of Mulgowie, quality assurance is the life blood flowing through the very veins of this organization. The company was a trailblazer with regards to adopting ISO 9001 and HACCP accreditations within their industry dating back to the 1980’s. This allegiance to quality has also helped to establish the pillars for retail, organic and export accreditations. It’s important to note that many organizations within the food and beverage sector are now just adopting these principles over the last decade to decade and half.


Mulgowie’s position as a luminaire within quality assurance, cannot be limited to this area alone. They have imbedded the importance of innovation and sustainability in to not only their farming and production processes, but also their packaging and distribution practises. They have found a way to implement these best practise tools, without compromising their customer’s familiarities with respect to value or quality. Some of these proficiencies include the use of returnable packaging, environmentally conscious pest management integrations, green waste and recycling programs, as well as improved soil health through the adoption of GPS technology and minimizing tillage.


It goes without being said, that a company of such stature is inclined to their fair share of awards within their trophy cabinet. Mulgowie Farming Company has received the “Woolworths Produce Supply of the Year Award”, “Woolworths Overall Supply of the Year Award”, “NAB Producer of the Year”, Ausveg Excellence Environmental Award”, and “Ausveg Industry Impact Award”.


Over the last seventy plus years, Mulgowie has built robust and streamlined relationships with its key trade partners and customers, which has contributed in large part to Mugowies efficiencies in relation to innovation and delivery of quality assurance. Mulgowie fully recognizes that this would not be possible without the support of their National and International wholesale and retail partners and suppliers such as CHEP, Amcor, and Elders. The Australian vegetable industry is heavily reliant on industry organizations to bring supply chain groups together to resolve Industry challenges and act as catalysts for research and development processes; such as the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), and the Growcom, Ausveg and Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Mulgowie does not limit its networking efforts to business related companionships, as they make major contributions to National Charities such as “Foodbank” and the “Pink Ribbon Cancer Council”; which saw a donation of almost $90,000 towards its initiative.


Of course, there are always obstacles associated in any sector of business, and vegetable producers are no exception to this algorithm. Mother Nature is the judge and jury in this regard. She can be unpredictable at times, with major weather events such as floods, heatwaves, and cyclones. Regardless of these obstacle, Mulgowie continues to play an active role in defending Australis’s food security and providing the freshest and highest quality products possible. “At the end of the day we are 3rd generation Australian farmers and we have a contagious passion for delivering on healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy people”, states Mulgowies CEO Fabian Carniel.


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