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Since 1973, the Mure family has provided Tasmania with fresh, locally caught seafood. The legacy began when George and Jill Mure established their first licensed seafood restaurant in Battery Point. Now operated by Will and Judy Mure, the business has expanded along Victoria Dock to include Mures Upper and Lower Decks and PEARL + CO, while three fishmongers deliver fresh fish and various seafood products to the suburbs of Hobart. The commitment to consistency “from hook to plate” still remains and a range of delicious products – courtesy of Diana, the family’s specially built 23 metre longlining vessel – are also available to the public both nationally and internationally.


All species caught adhere to long-established standards for product quality. Specialised line fishing techniques are used aboard Diana including Mustad automated baiting systems for demersal longlining.


Most fishing is done in Tasmania’s surrounding waters and Mures specifically target Blue Eye Trevalla and Pink Ling. During the winter months, operations move to high seas fishing grounds located roughly 300 nautical miles off the coast of New South Wales. These trips are usually much longer and produce a different catch of Yellow Tail Kingfish and King Morwong. Most of the catch is processed at the Mures’ purpose built factory in Hobart. Mures then supply their own restaurants, fishmongers, as well as, other high quality restaurants and selected niche supermarkets with this high quality product. Occasionally, with the bigger catches, the excess fish is sent to the Sydney and Melbourne fish markets.
Throughout their years in the industry, Mures has established a strong list of suppliers from both fisheries and aquaculture farms, including HUON Aquaculture, Barilla Bay Oysters, Tas Prime Oysters, Spring Bay Seafoods, and Raptis Seafoods. All staff upholds their commitment to quality, from the deck to the kitchen. The Lower Deck provides diners with “fish and chips, grills, salads, oysters, share platters, soup and pizza,” along with 32 flavours of ice cream and the “fishmonger featuring the freshest local seafood.” The flagship Upper Deck presents “the ultimate seafood experience in Hobart” with its well-known reputation and view. Quality produce pairings complement each seafood dish and an extensive award winning wine list completes the dining experience. While PEARL + CO pairs sophisticated cocktails and top-shelf spirits, special wines and, beer and cider on tap, with fresh and “complex-tasting dishes” A true sensory experience.


All of Mures’ gourmet seafood products offered to the public have been tried and tested in each restaurant. Over the years, the offering has expanded to make use of the entire fish through smoking, spicing, curing and pickling using original time and family-honoured recipes and techniques; this includes small batch Tasmanian Oak-smoked salmon and trout, as well as a “unique range of European delicacies,” all prepared with the quality and consistency the Mure family has maintained over their many years in the industry.

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