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North Residential Constructions is a respected homebuilder on the Northern Beaches and North Shore. Established by Master Builder David Lombardo as a an evolution of his profession as a tradesman, North Residential Constructions now features its own showroom, and employs a team of 6 highly regarded craftsmen and consultants.

While offering clients a wide array of building opportunities, North Residential’s specialty lies in the high-end residential market. “We’ll do anything from renovations worth $50 000 up to new, architecturally designed homes worth upwards of $3 million,” says David. “There’s no limitations there, in the scheme of construction.”

North Residential Constructions makes an effort wherever possible to reduce their impact on the environment onsite, including the sorting of concrete, steel, and timber for recycling purposes, the preference of sustainable material brands such as Weathertex, an Australian producer of pulp-based plating, and the of use renewable, economical plantation pines when constructing frames.

A recent addition to North Residential’s upcoming projects is a $2.5 million home development. “It’s a residential house in the shape of an oval, with a curved roof all the way around,” says David. Amongst numerous other features, including a courtyard, the building will be made up of a variety of sustainable building materials, such as reclaimed bricks, recycled hardwood ceilings, cobblestone driveways, and off form concrete.

Last year, North Residential Constructions was the recipient of the MBA Housing Excellence Award for homes up to 1.5 million for their custom development in Seaforth. “The clients wanted to use a cost plus contract for the project and they also wanted at least three competitive quotes for each major trade, complicating matters for the builder,” the MBA states. “The builder’s main job was to manage and control the quality of the finished work. The finished product was perfect and produced a job below the original budget. It is a credit to the builder and his team’s organizational skills.”

In addition to his membership with the MBA, David also sponsors the organisation through his showroom, which is made up of 70 different industry partners, who are suppliers within the industry. “It’s like a home show,” he says, “and it allows consumers to walk around and touch and feel all the different products and construction systems, to better understand what’s available to them.”

The threat of rising interest rates within the sector represent a very real issue to David and his industry counterparts. “If the interest rates go up sharply, it will have a severe effect,” he says. Another growing challenge for any builder is the drop of the Australian dollar. “A lot of our products are imported,” he continues, “and I already know that one of my suppliers had to increase his costs due to the fact that he imports a lot of stuff from Germany and America,” David also points out that a dwindling labour force will soon be a new obstacle for developers and clients alike to overcome. “We have an ageing generation in Australia, and the younger generation isn’t too keen on getting into the building industry,” he says. “Finding good staff will be a challenge.”

After completing his apprenticeship, David started his first business, The Caring Carpenter. “I did the smaller projects for people, and gained confidence, and took on larger and larger projects, until it morphed into where I am now,” he says. “Last year, I experienced a personal tragedy in my life, and I said to myself, ‘I want to make something of my career,’ and that’s when I made my showroom and moved my offices out of home. That was the turning point of my business.” 

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