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Starting off with just 3 staff members, Partek Construction & Interiors has now grown to 30 staff since its humble beginnings in 1988. Predominantly working in South Australia, they offer a wide range of building services including but not limited to, fit outs and interiors, refurbishment and general construction.

Peter Berrington, Partek’s Operations Director, states, “We are willing to fulfill whatever our clients need.” Partek’s flexibility is a key factor, allowing them to work in numerous sectors such as age care, education, commercial, industrial, heritage and medical.

“We work closely with our designers and suppliers.” Advises Peter. Well accredited, Partek meets ISO and Australian standards in safety, environmental and quality. When we take on or partner in a project, we are always looking to add value to it.” Says Peter. This includes adding to sustainable practices and products. “We work a lot in Greenfield sites, so we look to help with products and processes, whether that means adding new products or offering solutions to ensure we go greener in every way we can.”

With a no fear mentality, Partek allows it diversification be one of its strongest aspects. With projects ranging up to the 10 million dollar mark, their current portfolio now includes Riverview Lutheran Rest Home in Loxton, focusing on unit development and medical. New projects also include the Royal Adelaide Golf Club, where Partek will show its creativity dealing with the areas sensitivity with erosion, sand and dust. We are also excited at having 4 education projects and to be part of the roll out of 52 brand new ALDI Stores.” States Peter. With 2 on the way, the roll out will take place across South Australia.

Their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed, with Partek receiving several awards over the years as well as helping their clients achieve the same. Starting off in 2008, with Partek receiving the Excellence Award from the Australian Institute of Building for Christian Brothers College. In 2010, they received the MBA Excellence in Commercial/Industrial Building Award for the $1-2 million range, followed by the $2-5 million dollar range in 2012 and expanded their trophy cabinet by winning the same category in 2014.

As with most in the industry, Partek has formed great relationships with clients and partners over the last decade. Some clients in Adelaide have worked with Partek 3-4 times, requesting a rebuild or a move. Some of these clients are house hold names, such as Redarc Electronics, OTR (On the Run) BP stations and Toyota. Another notable client includes NOVITA, whom Partek has also sponsored and donated to. Partek’s social responsibility campaign also includes other organizations such as the Cancer Council, Cumberland United Football Club and St. Vincent De Paul amongst others.

Peter advises us on a recurring issue that has plagued the industry for some time. “Legislation, whether it’s safety or environmental issues, it’s getting harder each year and affects how we operate.” With governing bodies working with builders, the industry is once again gaining confidence. “There are always ups and down. What matters are the relationships; knowing what your clients are looking for and to deliver on your promises.” Advises Peter.

Joining Partek a year after they started in 1989, Peter’s initial role was site manager. He moved on to construction manager in 1995 and in 2002 he partnered with Brenton Lunn and bought into the business. With the 2 running it ever since, they have both been actively involved in all projects. “Each project has 1 of us as the project director.” Says Peter.

A unique factor of Partek is its Advisory Board. With 3 key members, the board oversees and helps decision making to ensure Brenton and Peter are moving in the right direction. “They help the company’s vision of being recognised as Adelaide’s commercial builder of choice for both Clients & Employees. Both Brenton and I have mentors in that group.” States Peter. Growing to 30 staff members, the board also ensures projects are aligned with staff members. Peter leaves us with a positive note, stating “Business is moving again, we have that confidence, we are tendering a lot more projects and the opportunities are there, it’s just a matter of converting them.”

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