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Pascale Construction is a respected, award-winning construction company known for its high quality workmanship and unwavering attention to detail. Founded by Fred Pascale in 1982, the company began its life serving the commercial masonry and speculative building market. Pascale grew progressively larger through the 1980’s, with up to 50 bricklayers carrying out various landmark commercial projects throughout South Australia. The company restructured in 1995, complimenting its commercial masonry business with a head contracting arm. After initially winning a number of small commercial projects, the company expanded at an exponential rate in the 2000’s, and, at present, is competitively undertaking all types of construction projects in the areas of Health Care, Education, Aged Care, Community, Office, Industrial, Fitout, Masonry Services and Stonework Contracts.

Priding itself on not being tied to any one particular niche, Pascale Construction’s multi-skilled, multi-talented team is capable of carrying out works in a variety of sectors, from head contractor roles through to contract and construction management. “We will work with the client at the front end of a project, and get the project off the ground, conduct feasibility studies, carry out cost analysis, right through to material and subcontractor selection, to make sure the client gets value for money, and then carrying out the work and meeting the client’s expectations on time and on budget,” says Director Richard Zanchetta. Pascale also carries out design and construct projects, in addition to its original commercial masonry service. “We are a reasonably sized company, but not too big in the sense that both directors, Fred and myself, aren’t actively involved in the business,” Richard says. “We have an involvement in virtually every project that goes through our door. We are accessible, and we pride ourselves on being visible to our clients.”

The environmental sustainability of the projects that Pascale Construction involves itself with is a matter of high priority for the company. “It’s something that should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but it’s certainly at the forefront of ours,” says Mr Zanchetta. This company mindset is in keeping with Pascale’s recent accreditation for both AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems. On every site that the company controls, the company implements numerous initiatives, including recycling and stormwater management, and performs an environmental analysis prior to any commencement of works, identifying and planning around any risks or hazards that may affect the environment depending on the location of the site. “Where we have the opportunity, we are at the front end with the selection of materials being used for projects, so we can focus on the use of sustainably sourced products,” Richard explains. “We make those recommendations to the client, and if the client wishes to go ahead, they end up with a more sustainably designed and achieved building.”

The Adelaide Oval’s new Western Grandstand was a challenging project carried out by Pascale’s masonry division, which earned the company a Commendation in the 2011 Master Builders Association Building Excellence Awards. “We had the contract there as a subcontract to the builder to carry out the brickwork, blockwork, and stonework,” says Richard. “We needed to provide a finish that was of a very high standard, but also tied in with the historical integrity of the remaining grandstands in the oval, which we were able to achieve.” Pascale’s construction division has recently completed the construction of the Adelaide North Special School, a brand new campus over a site area of 24,000 square metres. It consisted of 8 new buildings, designed to accommodate for children with special needs. “As such the quality had to be of a high finish,” says Mr Zanchetta, “but also the compliance to the specifications of the design needed to be 100% on account of the nature of the intended use of the facility.” Another of Pascale’s recent projects involved the construction of affordable housing for the James Brown Memorial Trust. A challenge arose for the company when the soil was discovered to be contaminated. “A technique was identified that would enable us to carry out our work and provide the finished product without exposing any of the workers or occupants to any risk, present or future,” Richard explains. “This was done through the installation of an underfloor ventilation system from which any future vapours or gasses that would emanate from the soil would be expelled.”

Pascale Construction has a number of new projects underway, including a special school in Campbelltown for the Kensington Centre, due to be completed before the end of the year. “It’s another exciting project that will be catering to quite a few kids with special needs,” says Mr Zanchetta. Pascale has also recently commenced various works for Salisbury East High School, such as the construction of a new arts facility, in addition to performing renovations to the school’s existing structure.

Since its establishment, Pascale has earned numerous MBA Excellence Awards for a variety of different works, the Magill Road Office Building Stepney in 2013, an earlier affordable housing project with the James Brown Memorial Trust in 2012, and a new library built for St Jospeh’s Primary School in 2011.

Both Fred and Richard understand the importance of relationships with industry associations, and are active members of both the Master Builders Association and the Australian Institute of Building. “Fred sits on the MBA’s Council of Management and I sit on the Contracts Committee, as well as the Master Builders College Advisory Committee,” says Mr Zanchetta. “We’re quite active in making sure that as an association it best serves our industry, not only for us as builders, but also for those coming up through the ranks, such as students or trainees.” Richard also serves as the South Australian Vice President for the AIB, focusing on the continual improvement and development of industry skills on a professional level, as well as aligning the industry alongside the University of South Australia and its students.

Richard is aware of the struggles that the industry still faces, noting the sector’s recent reliance on government spending to remain buoyant. “Unfortunately,” he says, “that spending is drying up, and drying up quickly. The private sector needs to take the government’s place, and if we just sit back and hope for that to happen, I don’t think it will.” Richard emphasises the need for both innovative approaches to rebuilding the private sector’s confidence in the industry, and new ways of delivering a product that enables funding institutions be more comfortable with the lending of needed funds. “That should generate more confidence in that sector,” he explains, “which will then promote more and more work.”

Mr Zanchetta completed the Bachelor of Building course with UniSA in 1995, after which he held the position of Project Manager for a local builder over a period of 9 years. He was then approached and gauged by Pascale Construction to act as Project Manager in 2003, building and driving the company’s construction division from its infancy. Pascale Construction grew rapidly over the following years, necessitating the employment of an additional Project Manager, as well as other Site Managers. In 2006, Richard became a Shareholder Equity Partner. “We have continued developing and building upon our brand, doing high-quality work that clients have now come to expect, and also appreciate,” he says. “Moving into the next 12 months, we want to build on those relationships, and create new ones, while continuing to efficiently provide a quality product, as we’ve always done.”

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