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For over 75 years, PDT Architects has been committed to promoting both creative and client-focused designs. In 2000 Pdt Architects introduced its Landscape Department, adding to their existing masterplanning, architectural and interior design services. Nathan Clausen, Head of Landscape Architecture, says the greener arm has provided clients with engaging outdoor designs since the department debut.


While balancing multiple disciplines can be a challenge, PDT has managed to maintain seamless project collaboration between their diverse staff, as project satisfaction is always the endgame. “The one thing that I find really refreshing at PDT is that, even though we’re all in different disciplines and departments, we all work really well together to get the best outcome for our clients,” says Nathan. “I just find that’s a really good sort of initiative and makes the job so much easier.”


“Our team contains staff professionally trained in environmentally sustainable design, including Green Star associates,” he says. “We aim to retain and reuse as much as feasible on site. One of the big ones is obviously trees, due to the time it can take to re-establish new trees on any new site – especially these days, with so much clearing. Our studio has also been awarded a Five Star Green Star Office Interiors accreditation, so we stand by what we’re about in terms of sustainability and really try to push that side of the business.”


PDT Landscape is also an avid supporter of the 202020 Vision initiative, which holds value to the implementation of more green space across the country. Working with industry partners with similar values not only helps to smooth the process, but it helps improve landscaping practices to enable a much greener future. “I think it’s such a valuable and educational tool to get the word out there about what some of the issues are –  both now and in the future – while trying to retain and also introduce more greenery,” says Nathan. “Any initiative that promotes landscape and the health and well-being it provides is extremely beneficial, especially with so much urban development and the amount of clearing that occurs these days. We need to be aware of the importance of the landscape, and really make sure that we try and protect it and actually put back as much as possible.”



As an employee of PDT for more than 11 years, Nathan is thankful for the opportunities he has had to develop his skills throughout various areas within the firm. Working on both small and large scale projects has helped him gain an understanding of how disciplines connect in order to deliver a well-considered and holistic project that provides a positive contribution to the architectural landscape. “I think that’s really important, to ensure everyone is working to achieve the same goal.” he says. Nathan explains in addition to building strong industry partnerships plant knowledge and knowing what plants do well in different environments is critical for the success for the long term sustainability – Just because something does well at ground level does not necessarily mean it will tolerate high wind situations on rooftops. It’s just been great working at PDT to develop these skills, and actually understand a lot of those dynamics and how everything goes together.”

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