Pindan is a privately owned, industry-leading property and construction company based in Perth. Established over thirty-five years ago, the award-winning company is currently one of the top five commercial construction companies in the state, and the largest multi-residential builder in Western Australia. With a specialisation in construction within Western Australia, Pindan has delivered projects throughout the state. “The construction we do ranges from Albany up to Kununurra, and everywhere else in between,” says Nick Allingame, Director of Pindan’s Development Management Division. The services provided by Pindan’s seven integrated divisions span the property development spectrum, from initial property design to the sale of completed developments.

Offering a wide variety of construction and development services, the diverse portfolio of Pindan’s combined divisions includes single homes, multi-residential apartments, office buildings, schools, community centres, mining camps, and subdivisions. “Anything that involves construction, we’ve got that capabilities and the staff,” Nick says, “and we can do it throughout the state.”

Pindan is committed to the implementation of sustainable design features and practices in each phase of development. The calculation of cross-breeze ventilation and solar cell placement, as well as the planning of economy measures, efficient air conditioning, and special lighting controls are carried out during the design process. “The phase where we can make the biggest impact is in the design phase,” Allingame states. A strong focus is placed on the use of recyclable building materials, and extensive waste sorting procedures are followed at building sites. Presently, Pindan recycles approximately ninety-five percent of the waste materials that are produced on-site.

Many of Pindan’s developments are Green Star rated properties, which provide benefits to the end user in terms of energy savings and staff productivity. “Ultimately,” explains Allingame, “you end up with an improved working environment for your staff, and lower operating costs.”

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority has recently awarded Pindan with a residential construction project, consisting of three multi-unit apartment buildings. Pindan has committed themselves to implementing environmentally sustainable design and construction initiatives, such as rainwater harvesting and recycling for the apartments, and the harnessing of geothermal energy to reduce air conditioning costs. The collaborative project is expected to exceed a five Green Star rating upon completion.

Pindan has been the recipient of a broad range of national and state awards for their many projects, including a ‘Master Builders Association Overall Construction’ award, many ‘Excellence in Construction’ awards for numerous public use buildings, and a UDIA award for environmental excellence in 2009 for their Islands Apartments project in Stocklands’ South Beach. They have also been recognized seven times for the Best Multi-Unit Dwelling construction in Western Australia.

“Building on Partnerships” is Pindan’s company motto, which is prominently displayed on their logos, website, and business cards. Pindan takes the relationships they have built with their industry partners very seriously, and in many cases, they continue to use the same suppliers and subcontractors that they worked with at the company’s establishment, almost four decades ago. As well, a large amount of the construction projects carried out by Pindan is repeat business, brought on by the close relationships that were forged with developers in the past. The group is also highly proactive in their involvement with industry associations like the UDIA and MBA by providing representation in terms of safety committees. Pindan regularly holds a charity home construction event; the proceeds of which are donated to a chosen charity organization. “We are very mindful of our corporate responsibilities,” Allingame says, “in terms of the industry as a whole, but also the greater community.”

Allingame feels that the greatest issue facing the future of the industry is the waning business and consumer confidence on a national scale; due to such issues as the troubled mining sector and the continued difficulties in Canberra. “The reality is, we’re part of a global economy now, we get affected by what’s happening throughout the world.”

Allingame has worked with Pindan for the last fifteen years, with a background in the engineering sector, where he provided consultation both nationally and internationally on commercial, residential and industrial projects. Looking to the future, Nick is confident that the Pindan’s business expertise will bring about continued success, regardless of the issues facing the industry. “We’ve been around for thirty-five years because we can be a little bit conservative and a little bit cautious at times, but overall, we’re optimistic.”

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