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The Roscon Group has been established within Australia for 35 years and has been a key part of the Master Builders Association for over 25 years. National General Manager, Sahil Bhasin believes that Roscon represents “a real strength in the industry.” Roscon provides specialty property related services to businesses specializing in Real Estate & Owners Corporation management, private and statutory institutions and carries out emergency 24/7 maintenance for member clients. Roscon has a track record in developing its own projects in key landmark areas. In the last 10 years, Roscon has expanded into the field of property reporting and facilities management.

Maintenance budget reports, insurance replacement valuations, Occupational Health & Safety reports, just to name a few reports which Roscon conducts, maintenance budget reports in particular are crucial to large strata buildings and also to local and state governments when commencing or expanding on a project. This is why Roscon focuses heavily on its reporting activities. When dealing with any type of building, Roscon is able to develop a detailed breakdown of the predicted cost expenditure over “the next 10, 20, or 30 years.” For instance, formulating a budget breakdown for a certain structure, we calculate the required annual investment necessary for a life span of 10 years.  Recently, Roscon won a contract with the state government of Victoria to carry out over 7000 reports from the Department of Human Services to complete condition reports on the departments’ property holdings. . In addition to reporting, The Roscon Group offers aid with development, planning, feasibility, risk management, residential and commercial information for construction and every aspect of facilities management including waste management reports. Sahil Bhasin comments that to give their clients “peace of mind”, Roscon offers a 24/7 emergency assist program that incorporates every building and covers a wide range of issues that occur after hours.

The Roscon Group is associated with varying levels of government, the City of Melbourne and many well-known private companies. By means of industry seminars and quarterly information sessions, Roscon is able to create awareness for its client base.

“Allowing Roscon to take care of the whole process” will free up management resources, which permits its clients to focus on improving our clients core business. This involves management agreements and Sahil Bhasin stresses the fact that it is not simply about issuing quotes, Roscon physically carries out work on their client’s behalf. If a property manager or owner comes across a certain problem, Roscon has the authority to act on the problem instantly. To avoid confusion, they prepare an incident report for the manager, where Roscon provides detailed advice on how to regulate the problem safely or if the problem has been rectified altogether. When Roscon acts on behalf of the managers it corresponds to an increase in efficiency since the manager is no longer obligated to solve each problem on their own.

Roscon treats sustainable business practices with a high level of importance. Sahil Bhasin notes that if Roscon and other industry members neglect to work towards sustainable business then Australia’s resources will not be preserved, which includes the industry’s resources as well. Roscon is proud to be an accredited green builder with The Master Builders Association. Roscon strives to go beyond the required standards for sustainability in the industry and incorporates numerous sustainable products within their builds: “it is not all about cost, but about the sustainability outcome as well.” However, it is not simply about preserving resources; reducing emissions the products create is another crucial aspect. This includes reducing the emissions put off by concrete or paint, and raising awareness to the general public about these harmful products. “Sustainability is also about using the right products to improve the health and well being of a person.”

Roscon is a member of Strata Community Australia and has sponsored the association and continues to work closely with strata managers to assist them with our industry experience. Roscon has been a a member of the Master Builders Association of Victoria for over 25 years; in that time they have formed strong relationships within the organization that have advantages and certain benefits. Further industry partnerships with state and local governments are necessary to move forwards with future plans or practices and to be sustainable as well.

Sahil Bhasin finds that the major issue the industry faces is the actual technicality of building classifications. This has resulted in numerous court hearings and appeals to the courts in order to have the regulations interpreted or changed. When a building is first developed it receives a classification by a building surveyor. A small technicality, such as prohibiting short and long term living facilities from belonging to the same building, a difference of one classification, results in a large waste of time, money and resources. Government laws and planning greatly influence the direction in which Australia will head. Sahil Bhasin believes that planning must be viewed from a national perspective, determining “where development is required, where and how the land is going to be released and used and reintegrated into the community and how it will become sustainable or the long term.”

National General Manager, Sahil Bhasin has had an extensive career working with many private companies, including his role as project manager for the largest municipality in Melbourne and his involvement with large scale projects for example the $20 Million Swanson Street upgrade. Sahil Bhasin joined The Roscon Group in 2013 to further his work in the private sector. “My aim in 2013 for the Roscon Group is to further build and improve the facility management and reporting arm.” Roscon seeks to acquire more facility management contracts nationally and set new innovative solutions for its clients, we have a heavy focus on expanding clients business from a technological sense with the involvement of management expertise to develop marketing strategies. For example the Roscon Group has begun developing an ipad application that allows an individual to complete a report on site instead of having to return to their office and type it up. “The ipad app that we’re developing will be able to accomplish that and will make us the industry leaders in reporting.”



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