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As one of Sydney’s oldest building companies, Rosewood Homes has a long history in the region. It was established in 1953 when Nick Krajc migrated from Slovenia with the determination to form his own business. With a reputation for quality construction and honest service, Krajc’s business – originally named ‘Nick Building Company’ – expanded with new homes being constructed across the Sydney region.

“My Grandfather’s determined work ethic and uncompromising vision to see his homes built to a standard he could be proud, saw the business flourish,” says the company founders’ grandson and current Owner / Manager, Adam Krajc.

By the early 1970s Nick’s two sons, Nick Jr. and Marko Krajc, joined their father at Nick Building Company; this extra help provided a positive contribution to the success and reputation of the company, which increased the volume of construction for the humble family business. With the inception of the second generation into the business there was a need for a new name – so, in the early 80’s, ‘Nick Building Company’ became ‘Rosewood Homes’.

The 1980’s introduced a focus on developing house and land packages and building contract homes for the first home owner market, where volume of construction reached about 350 homes in a year. However, given the fundamental principles on which the company was founded, this volume was scaled back, and Rosewood’s direction changed to ensure a clear focus on quality and service. The more refined quality family homes produced were where Rosewood’s reputation was founded, a reputation that still stands today.

“My Grandfather retired in the mid-1980s, but his pride in the company he created maintained his interest in the business until his passing in April 2012,” says Adam. “My dad and uncle’s successful operation of the business for the past 35 years, and the market reputation they have affirmed is a testament to themselves and to the man that started the business over 60 years ago.”

Adam entered the business in 2013 and brought a new enthusiasm along with his wealth of experience in custom-built residential construction. His main goal is to ensure that Rosewood Homes’ maintains its long standing presence as an outstanding builder in the Sydney project home market.

Now, more than ever, Rosewood Homes is prioritising customer service and quality construction. Client relationships start and finish with a company owner as the point of contact. Adam states they will endeavour to provide clients a level of customer service that reflects the importance and significance the new home building process takes in their lives.

“With the company incorporating three generations of my family, I’m proud to be taking the business into the future with the same dedication to quality and service that the company commenced with all those decades ago. The ideals incorporated into the business by my grandfather from 1953, then my dad and uncle thereafter are as much part of the company today as they were back then.”

One of the most important factors required in maintaining quality construction is the tradesmen used. Some of our tradesmen and subcontractors started working with Adam’s grandfather, spent most of their lives working with his dad and uncle, and are now working with Adam too. “Some of our subcontractor relationships span more than 4 decades where the dads and grandfathers of the guys I work with today have worked with my grandfather and father before me. We value quality tradesmanship and are lucky to have such a great team of subcontractors supporting us. Our tradesmen and use of quality manterials have helped build our reputation for quality in construction.”

Along with their longstanding subcontractor and supplier relationships, Rosewood Homes has been a member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) for nearly 40 years. In that time, the market has evolved significantly, and Adam states it has always been reassuring to be backed and supported by one of the home building industry’s most reputed and best recognised industry bodies.

This same level of recognition applies with Rosewood Homes’ main suppliers, which include Trend Windows, Millars Doors & Timber, CSR Monier, Austral Masonry, Boral Building Products, Bunnings, Hudsons, Kitchen Image and Westside Ceramics. While some of these companies have also grown or changed management over the years, relationships with these suppliers have remained constant “on the basis of reliability of product and service, with the competitive pricing we have always enjoyed.”

Born and raised in a family of builders, Adam became familiar with business operations at an early age, as the Rosewood home office was adjoined to his family home. It was around the age of 10 that he assumed an unofficial position answering the office phone after hours; this was where many of the relationships he still shares with subcontractors and suppliers began. “From listening in to business meetings as a kid, site visits with dad, then work experience in school holidays with our trades my destiny seemed inevitable.”

Adam went on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Property Economics, followed by a Bachelor of Building degree. His studies were complimented by practical experience within the industry as he worked in roles covering everything from administration, supervision and project management. From these experiences, Adam gained the confidence to start Skope Constructions with business partner John Carolan. Now, over their 10 years together, they have completed many high standard residential and commercial projects always to a high level of finish.

In 2013, Nick Jr. and Marko Krajc confirmed they were ready to retire. Adam jumped at the opportunity to continue where his father and uncle had left off, leaving the future of Skope Constructions in John’s capable hands. He soon found himself “at the helm” of an old school family business with a product range in need of an update. Since then, Adam has been dedicated to the effort of modernising Rosewood’s product range and market position while building a number of customised homes for new clients.

In 2015, the company subdivided their acreage property in Kellyville into 14 individual house sites, which they are about to release to the market as house and land packages in their Rosewood Manor Estate. New designs have been developed specific to these generously-sized lots, varying from 700m² to 815m². The proposed house and land packages will predominantly be marketed and sold off the plan, with a few to be built prior to sale to showcase their new designs. “We are hopeful our new designs will be well received by the market as we re-establish ourselves as one of Sydney’s prominent boutique home builders.”

This year, Rosewood Homes – along with the entire building industry – is hoping to see continued confidence in the property market. Adam believes the property market corrections seen over the past six months better reflect the direction the industry will take in 2016. “I think the project home market will perform well again this year, but not quite like what we’ve seen over the last couple of years,” says Adam.

In looking to the future Adam says “this year will be an important one for Rosewood Homes as we are ready to showcase our new designs and reinstate the business as one of Sydney’s best new home builders where service and quality are standard inclusions and you are treated as more than just another client. Like my dad, uncle, and grandfather before me, we will continue to produce family homes our clients love to live in.” The pedigree is there, we at ABNS look forward to seeing Rosewood Homes achieve their goals for 2016 and beyond.




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