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Proven protection from sharks through electronic deterrents.

Shark Shield was founded in South Australia after licensing patented technology from the Natal Shark Board in South Africa, who had discovered a unique electronic wave-form that worked as a deterrent for sharks. All predatory sharks have a sac known as the ampullae of lorenzini which fills with gel on their snout, and they use the short range sensors when feeding and honing in on prey. What the Natla Shark Board of South Africa found was that if a shark’s sac is over-sensitised, it would begin to have spasms and flee the area. “It became a well proven electronic shark deterrent, so Shark Shield licensed the technology and then went about developing ideas on how to bring this innovative technology to the market,” says Lindsay Lyon, one of the owners of Shark Shield. “It’s perfect for divers because it will create an electrical field around 4 to 6 metres, so the shark may get within the range, but they will not come any closer due to the spasms they will experience. Scientific research has found that the risk of a shark attack when using an Shark Shield was reduced by 80% when the shield was activated, proving that this technology does work.” The product has proven to be so successful at deterring sharks that it has been sold to and used by the Australian Navy, the U.S. Navy, the South African Navy, the Italian Navy, and the Australian Special Forces.

Offering products that are targeted at diving, scuba diving, scientific diving, spearing, and sports diving as well as the growing market for ocean kayak fishing, Shark Shield will soon be coming out with a product that will enable all surf boards in the world to be equipped with a shark deterrent that will ensure the surfer’s safety, while having no impact on the surf board’s design or performance. With only 3% of the worldwide scuba diving revenue coming from Australia, Shark Shield is in the market for investment opportunities to expand their company into the United States, and drive demand and growth on an international scale, specifically in Florida and California.

Shark Shield has been recognised as a company whose key focus is on the environmental welfare of the ocean and its inhabitants. They have been accredited nationally and internationally, and have extensive portfolios of patents and the scientific research behind the shark deterrent proving them to be leaders in this new innovative shark deterrent technology and business.

“All of our partnerships with suppliers and retailers are part of the company’s success, we work very closely with our suppliers and are very open and co-operative with them,” explains Lindsay. “We want to increase this co-operation as it is this sort of relationship that helps us improve the products and services we provide. We are always talking and working out how to do business easier and how we can make it easier for our customer.”

The dive industry had flat lined in the past 10 years, but as whale numbers grow and more sharks are protected there is naturally going to be more sharks in the water; the numbers are growing. Due to shark attacks there is now a fear of sharks generated by the media. “In the last 2 years the dive industry’s revenues have gone down by 30-40% all because people are scared of going into the water,” says Lindsay, making Shark Shield’s biggest challenge ensuring people that it is safe to go into the water, and ensuring consumers know that electronic shark deterrents have been scientifically tested and proven to work.

Lindsay Lyon is a surfer himself, with a background in Electronic Engineering. “12 years ago I looked at Shark Shield as an opportunity to run as the CEO, and approximately 2 years ago we decided to buy it.” Lindsay does have a passion about being able to make the water a safer place for surfers by decreasing the frequency of shark attacks. Lindsay aims to prove to people that the waters can be a safe place using a shark deterrent. He also plans to bring to the market the new surf board innovation that will enable every surf board to be an electronic shark deterrent, ensuring the safety of all surfers.

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