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Over the last 12 months, Ben Woodward and his team at IFS SmartFreight® have seen a great deal of expansion throughout many facets of the company, including great sales numbers within Australia and New Zealand, and growing interest in the United Kingdom. Their core product, SmartFreight® Multi-Carrier Transport Management Software (TMS), provides clients with a variety of scalable shipping solution options with increased efficiency and innovation through a handheld tracking app.


“If you’re a small shipper, we’d suggest our Express product would be a great fit – right through to shippers who do upwards of 25,000 consignments a week, which our Enterprise product is the ideal solution,” says Woodward. “But, one of the products that we’re really proud of is our Tracker4Transport (T4T) solution, which is a low cost entry tracking solution for the small to medium transport companies or businesses with their own fleet of delivery vehicles who don’t have electronic tracking capability. It’s a hosted solution that SmartFreight® provides to the customer to scan a 2-D barcoded address label, scannable by an IFS smartphone app. What it gives the transport company is comprehensive electronic tracking capability almost overnight with little or no setup costs, other than the use of a smartphone and a smartphone app.”


Just this year, Tracker4Transport earned the company the Australian Business Award for New Product Innovation; they also proudly took home awards in the Technical Innovation and Product Excellence categories. Woodward recognises strong industry relationships including transport companies, alliance partners and technology partners as a pillar of the company’s success. “We see great strength in our product, but also the ability to easily interconnect with ERP, WMS and E-Commerce platforms so that information flows automatically from the upstream platform into SmartFreight®” says Woodward. Woodward goes onto say” SmartFreight® can consign and then provide back into those ERP, WMS and E-Commerce platforms all the information that they need to account for freight costs, historical and trend reporting of same and of course, track and trace their shipments when they’re sending out their goods.”


Along with their increase in technological support, IFS SmartFreight® has also expanded their staff numbers within Australia, having recently recruited in Perth and Victoria, and now continuing the process of expansion in New South Wales. Not only do they aim to work on their sales footprint, but their carbon footprint is also something that Woodward aims to focus on throughout their expansion as well. “Strategically, SmartFreight® is going to be positioned in order to calculate and offset CO2 emissions in the near future,” he says. “We believe that our customers are going to want to be able to understand what environmental impact their shipments have, but also be able to calculate and offset that – where required – to provide peace of mind to their end customers that responsibility around the environment is top-of-mind; their customers can feel comfortable that the products they’re buying have visibility on what their environmental footprint is.


We’ve rebranded the image of the company, and we now are going to be known as SmartFreight®. So, we’ve done a lot of work and invested in a new brand and a new logo with our marketing partners, but also a new website due to launch in the next couple of months. Personally, that’s been a big focus and I am proud that come early September or October, you’ll see a new brand, brand strategy, a brand new and more interactive website all touting the new look SmartFreight® logo”

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