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Established in 1969, Spacemaker is one of Melbourne’s most trusted home extension builders. Spacemaker currently has 12 staff within its office, including 3 designers. As well, the company now has over 100 contractors onsite, carrying out approximately 40 projects per year.

Spacemaker has an array of award-winning projects, ranging from small bathrooms to large scale homes worth up to $2 million. “We construct everything from conservative, traditional extensions that blend in with the existing era of the home, right through to upmarket and quite unique extensions and new homes,” states General Manager Tim Hoare.

Many of Spacemaker’s clients have specific sustainable building requirements that the company works to address. “We commonly use water tanks to service the home’s toilets, garden taps and irrigation systems,” says Mr. Hoare. “We often use reclaimed materials, for both sustainability and aesthetic reasons.” The most common reclaimed items are timber for flooring, cabinetry, or bench tops, followed closely by bricks and roof tiles. Spacemaker also uses energy efficient lighting, such as LED’s and fluorescent bulbs wherever possible. Double glazed windows, as well as solar power and hot water, are other popular client requests.

In its 45 years of operation, Spacemaker has encountered a variety of on-site challenges. One such challenge involved the construction of a walkway over a tennis court, to protect the court while the entire project was carried out around it. “We love a good challenge” laughs Mr. Hoare “it makes us stronger, it’s a learning curve on which we build”.

Spacemaker is currently underway with a major project in Port Melbourne. “It’s the standard in regards to being a very modern design,” Tim explains. “We’re using a lot of polished concrete floors throughout, and it has some eye-catching features in the panels of the façade.” The home also features a swimming pool connected to the house with an under-water window.

Since the company’s establishment, Spacemaker has won over 40 awards, including most recently the 2014 MBA Winner for Best Renovation and Addition Over $1 million, 2014 HIA Runner-Up for Best Renovation and Addition between $500,000 and $700,000, Winner of the HIA Best Renovation and Addition over $1 million, as well as the overall HIA award for the Best Renovation and Addition Builder.

Strong relationships with organisations such as the HIA and MBA have proven very beneficial for Spacemaker, particularly with the provision of industry updates on regulations, products, and professional development in relation to the company’s ongoing staff training. Tim emphasises the importance of maintaining relationships with suppliers as well. “It’s really imperative to running a successful business, and it ensures good service which, in turn, ensures the best possible productivity, as well as competitive pricing.”

Tim took his first steps into the industry at a young age, working with his father, a builder by trade. “My first time being on a Spacemaker project was while I was on school holidays as a 14 year old, helping my father,” he says. After completing his schooling, he proceeded to begin his carpentry apprenticeship, again under his father. He continued for 10 years as a carpenter for Spacemaker, working on a number of the company’s award-winning homes. He later progressed to take on the role of Project Manager then, soon after, Construction Manager and finally, to his current role as General Manager. “My objective for the year ahead is the same as it’s always been” he says, “to not only build the best possible homes, but the best possible client relationships. That’s what I believe sets Spacemaker apart.”

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