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The Perth housing industry has seen dramatic growth throughout the last decade in the wake of resource projects in the Northwest, and has resulted in the propagation of a large number of lower-end builders. Start Right Homes was created in this environment to compete in the affordable housing market, with investors and first time homebuyers as its target demographic. The growth of the Start Right Homes brand can be directly attributed to strong relationships with land developers and strategic partnerships with property investment groups, enabling the creation of property investment products that make sense to common investors.

Start Right Homes’ mission is to generate long-term relationships with investor clients through the supply of affordable housing products that optimise both rental yield and growth. Unique to the business is its focus on the investor market’s very specific needs and interests, such as the development of a range of dual-key products; single dwellings that have the ability to be able to be split into two separately rentable homes without the need of subdividing the land. Such properties are often custom-designed through the close assessment of the design options available on the land in question. An additional key feature of the Start Right range is a low-cost, sensible approach to fittings and specification. While many builders attempt to upsell clients with expensive items under the guise of market expectations, the Start Right Homes approach is to steer clients away from needless overspending.

Another benefit of working with Start Right Homes is the quality of its staff, who take a very hands-on approach when dealing with client’s and strategic partners. The company’s Directors are entrepreneurs with backgrounds in construction, investment and management, and brings with it extensive experience from a wide range of industries, including financial advisory, oil and gas construction, and military operations management. This diverse range of backgrounds ensures that each problem is faced with a fresh approach, applying innovation as a cultural habit rather than simply adhering the standards set by other builders.

Maintaining a strong focus on sustainability, Start Right Homes works to address environmental issues such as packaging waste products, and the common practice of builders dumping their waste on other builders’ lots. These issues are not only costly for builders, but also for their clients, who ultimately foot the bill of increasing waste management costs. With housing affordability already a significant issue in Perth, Start Right recognises that an industry approach to addressing these issues is needed, and is actively dealing with suppliers to generate sensible improvements and efficiencies.

Start Right’s past projects typically involve working closely with Perth land developers to access stock that is both located and priced right for investors. As well, the company’s building process has been heavily refined; “The magic is in the planning that occurs before we even find the client, and the strategic partnerships with land developers and property investment groups,” says Director Jon Cuypers.

The company is currently working closely with a local property investment group to build up to 50 dual-key properties over the next 12 months. “While this project is in its early stages,” says Jon, “it is the type of project that gets the team at Start Right fired up and jumping out of bed in the morning.”

Jon feels that the issues facing the housing industry, such as affordability and waste management, are issues that the government cannot solve alone. “It’s more important than ever for builders and developers to actively engage with others in the industry and create positive dialogue that will lead to innovation and sustainability.”

One of the growing challenges for the industry in Perth is the area’s diminishing supply of sand. “There will be a period of significant adjustment for both builders and developers as we deal with the issue of not being able to build on a flat and levelled sand pad,” Mr Cuypers says, emphasising that industry and councils will need to work closely with one another in order to generate solutions that work for both the market and the state’s housing needs. Start Right Homes is working to address this approaching situation by actively dealing with land developers to identify project timeframes that will likely require unique solutions.

Jon Cuypers is an ex-Army Captain and graduate of the Royal Military College in Duntroon. After serving with the Royal Australian Engineers in leadership roles both in Australia and in the Middle East, where he specialised in operations management, he made a foray into the Oil and Gas Industry for a number of years before returning to Perth, his hometown, and transitioning into the residential construction industry. His close ties with a number of other Directors led to his invitation to contribute his skills and experience as a management consultant.

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