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A few years ago, Jenny Paradiso and her husband David Hille had an interest in renewable energy and were looking to invest in a system for themselves. But, she remembers they “couldn’t find any companies that we thought were priced right and had the experience that gave us faith in their services. So we did some research, imported the necessary products and found someone to complete the installation for us.” Thus in 2009 the couple founded Suntrix; focused on providing solar energy solutions as wholesale to the solar industry or for the residential and commercial markets of southern Australia. After a short two years the company already had 11 employees with a $7 million turnover. Since then the rapid growth has continued, with the company becoming very well established in the south Australian market, employing 22 individuals and yielding a turnover of $11 million.

SunTrix is not the standard solar PV installations company, Jenny sees themselves as doing much more than that. Naturally they carry regular solar products, but also offer many other extra products or services to diverse markets in the wholesale, residential and commercial sectors. These include services to prolong the life of any solar energy system, such as solar maintenance, panel cleaning and performance testing for consumers who want to test new or original systems. However, the company prides itself on their solar design and installation team who are specialized in providing innovative, high tech solutions for the solar industry. SunTrix also provides many products specifically for commercial services, for instance; energy brokering, power monitoring, power quality services, network protection products and are able to finance solar energy solutions for over $5 million.

The SunTrix Solar Tracking System was the fist product created entirely in-house, designed by David Hille. This system can increase energy output by up to 40% compared to a regular static system installed on roofs, since it follows the sun throughout the day. It is a great way to maximize the benefits of solar power, but the system is quite large so it is meant for use on farms or in commercial environments. The company is in the final stages of completing a single access tracking system that will reduce costs by being much easier to install.

Jenny notes that her business “is in the process of finalizing a solar energy monitoring system that is designed and commissioned in-house. We’re all extremely proud of this achievement and are certain it will yield great capabilities for the residential and commercial markets.” The technology is many years in the making and will allow the general consumer, an individual with any sized solar energy system, to monitor all aspects of the system and ensure it is operating correctly. It is possible to set up a monitoring system with SunTrix that allows them to look over the product for the customer. The individual is notified if any problems arise and a technician is sent immediately to resolve the issue. The monitoring system is one of the company’s best products and was brought in so consumers can receive the maximum benefit from their energy systems. The company is involved with a lot of in-house design, even with the components for installations, “so if we can’t find any material or product that suits our needs, we’ll go out and make it ourselves”, says Jenny.

The company is a proud member of the Clean Energy Council, where they get a lot of value from their membership and can contribute feedback about new regulations that affect buyers of solar energy. Additionally, they are members of many other renewable energy and solar associations. Jenny finds “it’s how you stay in contact with people, you’re a voice together, united and able to implement change through the government or public.” SunTrix also seeks to create strategic alliances and partnerships with their suppliers to develop or improve products in certain cases. With great technically minded and innovative people involved in the organization, the suppliers are more than happy to work with them.

As Managing Director, Jenny Paradiso, along with her husband David Hille, have built the business to its size today with the help of a great supporting staff. SunTrix has recently been announced as one of the finalists for the Telstra Business Award for leading businesses in South Australia. The company has come a long way, making Jenny feel proud of her contribution “but then again the business doesn’t work if you don’t have the right people behind you as well, so I’m also highly conscious of our team”, she says. Jenny is excited and optimistic to activate Suntrix’s strategic plan for the next 12-18 months. She sees many opportunities in the years ahead while looking forward to growing the business and team “with the aim of making it the best solar energy company in South Australia.”

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