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Using an architect seems like a luxury, but with the advent of the volume builders, there’s a lot of high produced products at base prices. Subsequently, many people assume that it’s the only option besides going to the big architectural firms where you’re paying 25,000 a square. “We knew that we could bring volume construction to the architectural world and bring high end product with the efficiencies of a volume building company” explained Mr. Daly Director at Thomas Archer Homes, “We see ourselves as accessible architecture; the everyday mom and dad can build one of these homes and it won’t cost them an arm and a leg”.

A young company with over 32 years of experience in the building industry. Thomas Archer Homes, was founded in 2013 by directors Matt Daly and Frank Tarulli who worked together in a volume building company. “We saw a gap in Victoria’s building industry, in the way it’s turning” states Mr. Daly “Frank and I started discussing some of the possibilities, and here we are now a few years later.”

Thomas Archer Homes focuses on boutique custom designs, standard plans, dual occupancy or the client’s own designs. Sustainable initiatives are essential within the design of every home, without compromising comfort nevertheless. “We don’t just think about six star energy ratings, we also think about the comfort this house provides” states Mr. Daly “not just legislation”. Thomas Archer Homes takes their client’s comfort seriously and is in fact working closely with CSR on a service called Comfort Tune. Once a house has been designed, clients are taken through a process called Comfort Tune, to ensure that the design meets the client’s comfort and not just a 6 start energy rating.

Dual occupancies are quiet sustainable from site to site especially in the area where Thomas Archer Homes builds, where many people are realizing the asset of their property and are wanting to live in one and sell the other one. “Going through the town planning process is probably one of the biggest issues” states Mr. Daly “You have to know what design to build for a specific site and working within these very tight constraints of town planning.”

Even though house prices are rising in Melbourne and buyer confidence is low, Thomas Archer Homes is rising above the challenge, loaded with a multitude of large scale complex projects for the New Year. Thomas Archer Homes has completed an array of impressive projects with quality craftsmanship, dedication and hard work. “We’re all about the quality of transaction; between us and our clients; between us and our suppliers” explains Mr. Daly “It’s about being completely transparent with your clients, we provide our clients with every bit of information, every step of the way.”


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