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Tibaldi is an Australian owned business that was established in 1934. The company originally founded by Italian Immigrant Frank Tibaldi who had a passion for making Italian Smallgoods.

Over the next 50 years the company flourished to become one of Victoria’s most prominent smallgoods companies supplying Victorians with traditional Italian delicacies.

In the late 1980’s the Tibaldi family sold the business to a Japanese Food Company.

The next 10 years see the industry go through major change. This was the beginning of corporatisation and the emergence of Multi-National Companies that acquired state based operations to keep pace with the ever changing retail environment.

This changing environment saw the Tibaldi brand flounder, due to the shift in the industry from that of state based business to that of an industry that was being dominated by larger companies that operated on a National basis, and the business was sold to its current owners Andrew Ridder, Paul Moss and Steve Moss.

Tibaldi Today

Tibaldi is a 100% Australia privately owned meat processing business, with 2 manufacturing sites in Melbourne located at Coburg and Clayton.

Combined, both sites currently produce approximately 300 tonne per week with an annual turnover of AUD$140 million employing 250+ people from Melbourne and its own small fleet of trucks still servicing grass root businesses in Victoria.

Tibaldi has a vast product portfolio to meet consumer and customer demands, but still produce traditional Italian style fermented and air dried products that were the key to its early success. The product range is as varied and diverse producing a full range of processed meats, value added fresh meats and a strong export market of whole carcass pork. Tibaldi’s customers are as varied as their product portfolio supplying retail products to all the major supermarkets both pty branded products and private label with a strong and ever growing Foodservice client base.

Being a 100% owned Australian Private mid sized business allows Tibaldi to have a management structure that is flexible and responsive. This provides the flexibility to develop and execute new products and bring them to market exceptionally fast which is a very important factor in business dealings today.

The Industry and Consumer of Today

The consumer of today is vastly different to that of 80 years ago. They are far more knowledgeable and are faced with so many different choices in retail, fast food, takeaway and restaurant industries.

This knowledge has driven major trends with consumers wanting to know where products are made and grown from. To meet these challenges Tibaldi has an exclusive commercial arrangement with Australia’s largest single site Outdoor Bred Pig Producer Western Plains Pork. This arrangement allows Tibaldi to bring products to the Australian consumer with full traceability from paddock to plate for both fresh and processed meats. This joint venture between Western Plains Pork and Tibaldi has also seen them develop a strong export market into South East Asia.

In addition to the unique supply chain of Outdoor Bred Pigs from Mt Mercer Tibaldi have a very strong relationship with Riverlea Pork Australia’s largest pig producer. These long term commercial supply arrangements put Tibaldi in an excellent position for the future, as the demand continues to grow for ethically sourced pork products that have a Provence story and are of Australian origin.

Tibaldi is continually researching and developing concepts to keep its product portfolio relevant to today’s consumers.

“Our Vision is to supply Australian consumers with high quality meat products that meet the challenges of todays fast past life style.”

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