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TLC Aged Care (TLC) is the largest family owned residential aged care service provider in Victoria. “We commenced our business 22 years ago with two residential aged care homes in the Geelong area. It quickly became apparent that these two homes would not meet the standards of care that we wanted to deliver, so we purpose built a home in Wallington just outside of Geelong. Over the last 20 years our portfolio has grown to 10 purpose built homes across Melbourne and the Geelong area,” explains TLC’s CEO Lou Pascuzzi. TLC now employs over 1,300 staff and is considered a leader in residential aged care in Victoria.


Over the last 4 months TLC has appointed a new executive team consisting of Lou Pascuzzi as  CEO, COO – Neville Watson, CFO – Matthew Hollins, CHRO – Faye Reppas, CITO – Peter Siatos, CMO – Adrienne Godfrey and CQO – Paul King.


Since their appointment, TLC’s senior team has set about reinvigorating the organisation, positioning the company at a corporate level whilst maintain family values at its core. On 30 June 2014 TLC moved to their new Head Office located at Level 2, 441 St Kilda Road, Melbourne and they are now embarking on one of the largest service provision shifts and relative investments in Australian aged care.


As part of their brand rejuvenation project, TLC has reviewed the vision and values of their organisation. TLC wanted to keep their focus on their residents, but clarify what it is that they as an organisation expect from each other. TLC’s new mission is to ‘provide the people in our care with the quality of life that we would expect for our family.’


Lou Pascuzzi explains, “It is important to us as an organisation that our team has a very clear understanding of the quality of care that we provide. We also wanted to communicate our mission to them in a meaningful and personal way.”


TLC’s homes are currently located in Altona North, Belmont, Whittlesea, Hallam, Noble Park, Frankston, Wallington and Donvale. The home atmosphere varies from the peace and serenity of their country style homes at Wallington and Whittlesea, to the state-of-the-art luxury in their newest home in Donvale. All of TLC homes were purpose built to ensure that they met the specific needs of their valued residents.


TLC’s homes offer residents a fulfilling lifestyle, while providing resident’s family and friends peace of mind regarding their loved ones. Additionally, Mr. Pascuzzi explains that TLC also offers “respite care for residents to assist in a smooth transition into residential care, the latest advances in dementia care and the highest accreditation standards across all 10 of our homes.”


TLC’s dedication to superb clinical care for residents is clearly highlighted as Mr. Pascuzzi explains that “dementia care is something that we are passionate about at TLC. We are pleased to announce our newly established relationship as a major sponsor of Alzheimer’s Australia Vic and we are working closely with them to implement the latest advances in dementia care. Most TLC homes will be positioned as “dementia centres of excellence” in financial year 2014/15 as a result of this relationship.”


This relationship between Alzheimer’s Australia Vic and TLC will provide a great foundation to address the “The Living Longer, Living Better” aged care reforms. The reforms include the removal of distinction between ‘high care’ and ‘low care’ as of 1 July 2014. This means that all homes will become ‘ageing in place’ facilities.  Mr. Pascuzzi explains that TLC has been preparing for this change for some time, so all of TLC’s homes are established ‘ageing in place’ facilities. This means that TLC’s residents can remain in their chosen room throughout their cycle of care, provided that it is appropriate for their needs.


The “Living Longer, Living Better” aged care reform package is changing the face of aged care in Australia. The recent financial reforms are providing people with far greater information on services and pricing. Lou Pascuzzi states, “At TLC we welcome the reforms as they will give people more flexibility to tailor the way they fund their aged care to suit their financial situation. “


As the population ages, and “The Living Longer, Living Better” reforms will also encourage people to remain in their homes for as long as possible, there will be increased demand for respite and dementia care. Currently, across Victoria, there are 78,000 people living with dementia, which is expected to grow to 141,000 by 2030.  In parallel with this reform TLC has recently restructured their workforce to ensure that it is providing the highest possible level of nursing care to their residents – based on their needs. Mr Pascuzzi elaborates “Our staff rostering has been rejuvenated to cater for the changing needs of residents as they progress through their cycle of care. Our new rostering system will also enhance the service experience and quality of life for our residents.”


TLC is also excited to announce that in fiscal period 2014/2015 they will be embarking on an industry first – with the introduction of their wholly owned and controlled integrated healthcare service. All of TLC’s homes will have access to an integrated healthcare service providing residents, their families and the local community with a GP medical centre, tele-health service, pathology, radiology, psychology, retail pharmacy, day respite services, on-site specialist consulting suites, physiotherapy and other relative allied health services.


TLC’s existing and future homes will offer the first fully integrated healthcare service with residential aged care at its core. This service will be a significant benefit to both their residents and their families.


“In another industry first – TLC has recently appointed a new Lifestyle Team who in fiscal year 2014/2015 will be developing a structured program of activities across our homes for residents, which will include a program of community engagement and social inclusion. The aim of this program is to ensure that TLC ’s homes are an integral part of the local community and our residents and staff are actively engaged in and out of the home.” Lou Pascuzzi explains.


The ultimate aim of these two projects is to bring the community into TLC’s homes and provide services that are not just for their residents, but so the community as a whole can benefit from.  As such, TLC’s homes will be positioned as community healthcare and social hubs.


As TLC moves to position themselves as community healthcare and social hubs, they will continue have a resounding commitment to achieving accreditation standards across all their pre-existing and future homes. Lou explains, “At TLC we are extremely proud of our accreditation results. We have been deemed fully compliant with the clinical criteria across all of our homes in their most recent accreditation reviews.”


Achieving accreditation is of utmost importance to TLC, as choosing a home can be a difficult and daunting task for people. Accreditation allows individuals who are seeking aged care peace-of-mind, as all accreditation results are available on the My Aged Care website (  This provides individuals with extensive details of the accreditation results from TLC’s homes, which is an invaluable source of information when individuals are choosing an aged care provider.


Additionally, TLC is currently in an ambitious development phase, investing circa $120m in their network. Over the next 3 years TLC ’s current portfolio of 10 aged care homes will be expanded to include:

  • Planned Greenfield Developments:

ü  a new 140 bed home over an 8 level development at Clifton


ü  a new 180 bed home at Torquay

•                Planned Brownfield Developments:

ü  expanding their existing home at The Homestead, Wallington to 135 beds

ü  expanding their existing Homestead Lakes home at Wallington to 150 beds

ü  expanding their Homewood home at Hallam to 180 beds

  • Planned Service Extensions:

ü  A fully owned and operated integrated healthcare service with a residential aged care focus

ü  A standardised lifestyle, community engagement and social inclusion service


“Overall these projects will increase the number of residential aged care beds provided by TLC in Victoria by 515 beds to a total of 1,751 beds.”


Lou Pascuzzi further explains that “These projects will combine to make TLC the leading provider of integrated care in Victoria and set a new benchmark for Australian residential aged care service provision. It will also provide a working example to governments of a better way to manage integrated healthcare in Australia. Integrated healthcare offers a more efficient service provision via integration and has the potential of significantly rationalising various government funding sources.”


With all the exciting industry first developments that TLC is currently engaging in, they are fully cognoscente of the increasing demand of Australia’s ageing population on aged care services. This provides a significant challenge for governments locally and abroad. Funding for healthcare in the future will be a challenge. One remedy for this is the more efficient integrated spending of the existing mix of government funds (taxpayer money), corporate funds (health insurers) and consumer co-payments .  TLC continually ensures that these industry related issues are always at the forefront of their decisions and have already began to showcase industry leadership by addressing these issues. “TLC aims to demonstrate that  an alternative healthcare service can assist in meeting the future demand for healthcare.”


TLC has an exciting future ahead of them, as they look forward to the implementation of their integrated healthcare services, their lifestyle program, as well as the continual expansion of TLC’s homes. As TLC is at the beginning of this exciting journey they could not be guided by a better CEO than Lou Pascuzzi, as he began his career in the health care industry almost 20 years ago when he founded Peak Health Management.  Which Over 13 years Lou built Peak Health Management to be Australia’s most successful corporate health management company.


In 2010 Lou sold Peak Health Management to BUPA Australia LTD and moved to Healthscope to head up their Medical Centres (Primary Care) Division. During his time at Healthscope, Lou transformed the Healthscope Medical Centres brand, making it the leading provider of chronic disease specific primary care in the Australian market.  Based on Lou’s achievements at Healthscope & Peak, he was invited to institute the same strategies at Australia’s largest primary care provider – the Independent Practitioners Network (IPN) owned by Sonic

Healthcare. The initiatives which Lou implemented have proven to be a resounding success on multiple levels.


As Lou has arrived at TLC, he explains that he is “tasked with utilising his entrepreneurial primary care background to rejuvenate the aged care industry – which is what we’re about to do.”

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