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Since 2006, Trevelle Homes has had a growing presence within the commercial and residential markets of New South Wales. The company started as a small family business between Eddie Treffiletti and his two sons and daughter, building a small number of homes each year. “We just started with that, and probably doing a little bit of commercial work, a little bit of residential work, not knowing which way we were going,” says Managing Director Treffiletti. “We decided to just concentrate on the residential side of things, and we’ve progressed from there into what we’re now doing – close to eighty (80) homes a year, realistically.”


The demand for more homes over the years caused the company to expand past its roots as a small family business. Trevelle Homes is now a larger commercial-style builder with more employees outside of the family circle. Range in product has increased to accommodate anywhere from first-home buyers to million-dollar third & fourth home buyers, including townhouse, duplex’s and single & double storey multi units. When building any property, Treffiletti makes sure to include various different aspects from his extensive building background in order to create unique, sensible homes for clients.


“I always incorporate a lot more knowledge of commercial building to be able to give the clients different styles of building while still keeping mind of the budgets that most families have in relation to building a standard residential home,” he says. “If you do go to a commercial builder, you pay a lot more than what you would through a residential builder; but I try and incorporate that together and give them the right result.”


While the satisfaction of the client is a key aspect of the business, Trevelle Homes also understands the merit of recognition within the industry. Not only have their seven display homes brought them a lot of local attention, but the company has also entered as finalists in many awards over the years. “In 2011, we entered two of our homes into the MBA housing awards receiving a merit for our single storey and winning the double storey excellence in housing award for Exhibition Homes $300 000 & over,” says Treffiletti. “Our main achievement has been to be able to grow, possibly every year; to go from a small family business. We hope to think we’re becoming a corporate business now.”


Establishing a great reputation is important in any industry, a reality of which Trevelle Homes is aware; they are currently members of the Master Builders Association (MBA), as well as the Housing Industry Association (HIA); these associations help in the instilment of trust by the client to get the job done accurately and professionally. Membership also allows the company access to well-known industry suppliers, especially within the local realm. “One of the major things for us is to make sure we’re using the major suppliers in the industry, and that’s what we do. We push to use the local stuff, and we only use well-known suppliers.”


The main issue Treffiletti predicts for the future is the decrease in land availability, which will be mutually exclusive with the increase in pricing for what is available. Luckily, for clients of building companies like Trevelle Homes, an expensive property doesn’t necessarily signify expensive construction; building costs will remain stagnant and affordable, and there will be a greater overall value once the market is stabilised. “The price can’t keep going up because no one’s going to foot the bills otherwise,” he says. “There is signs of that now, because six months ago we couldn’t find any land to be able to offer our clients, and now developers are coming and offering it to us to help them sell their land. The package we offer is a house and land package. So, I think that’s a very important factor for us.”


Over the years, Trevelle Homes has found success in expanding their building demographic – starting from anything and everything, and progressing to their current status, accompanied by several client-catching display homes. But, according to Treffiletti, it won’t stop there; the company’s future plans are in perpetual motion, including market expansion towards North West Sydney to take advantage of a market well suited to Trevelles design standard. The aim is to grow the business by any possible means, putting Trevelle Homes on the map as one of New South Wales’ go-to home builders.


“Personally, I’ve been doing this all my life. I’ve been into high-rise building – which is a lot of concrete and formwork – which is another market completely. I decided I’d had enough of that after 25 years, and decided to go into residential, which I really didn’t know much about. Over the course of under 10 years, I’ve turned it into a pretty successful business and I’d like to be one of the major players eventually.”

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