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Tricon Developments: Architectural Construction specialists                                                     

Of the many architecture businesses throughout Australia, few can match the quality, consistency and reliability of Tricon Developments.

Tricon is a family-owned business, started approximately ten years ago. They specialize in architectural construction, but offer the full complement of building services. Of their work to date, the majority has been architectural construction, designer renovations and some specialized commercial work.

“We’re involved in every step of the way,” says general manager Steve Lowe, “from pre-construction assistance through to the complete build, and even afterwards with post construction maintenance and additional works. We specialize in architectural construction, so we work closely with architects on each development, and understand what it means to deliver the fine details, which other Builders sometimes struggle with.”

Mr Lowe has been in the business for fifteen years. His father is the qualified supervisor with forty years of construction experience. He started out at a young age, sweeping floors for his father, and eventually worked his way into construction management. He cites the hands-on work, camaraderie and problem-solving as particularly enjoying aspects of the trade.

Their comprehensive understanding of current trends and innovations in the market is a significant factor in their edge over competitors. This knowledge serves them well, particularly when taking on larger-scale projects. In these cases, they place a premium on upholding their sustainable business practices.

“Because we get involved in every step of the process,” explains Mr Lowe, “we’re often able to assist architects, designers or clients in the design phase, with things like more efficient building methods or sustainable material selection. We refine the design, including structure, by offering ‘build ability’ advice, which often translates into cost savings for the client and minimizes the environmental impact.”

The result of Tricon’s reputably thorough involvement has earned them more than a few high-profile projects. The Royal Sydney Golf Club, for example, is just one of the more challenging assignments the company has taken on through their history.

“We’ve been involved in many residential construction projects,” recants Mr Lowe “ranging from minor renovations to larger four-story new homes. Each had their challenges; access, bespoke designs and scale. The most challenging project was delivering the chimpanzee enclosure at the Taranga Zoo. Our work involved the procurement, construction, transport and installation of the elements within. We needed to implement new systems, tools and methods during the construction, but the end result was amazing and a testament to our dynamic capabilities.”

Current projects include a mix of new houses and renovation projects, including one large 650 square meter house, all of which make use of sustainable systems such as unitex thermal wall systems, hydronic heating, rainwater capture and LED lighting.

“We’re currently involved in testing a new pool filtration technology,” states Mr Lowe, “that reduces the running cost about two-thirds, and the pool chemical balance is automatically adjusted by a central control system located in Chatswood. This technology isn’t on the market yet, but some of our clients are getting first use of it.”

Their unique blend of dependability and cutting-edge innovation has been rewarded by the industry in various ways. Tricon won a  TABMA Best Use of Veneers award for a spiral staircase they constructed in Point Piper, and the aforementioned chimpanzee enclosure won an award for Excellence in Construction between five and ten million dollars. Some of the company’s work has been featured on local television as well as publications such as Habitat and Houses.

As members of the Master Builders Association (MBA), Tricon understands the importance of building and maintaining industry relationships, namely as a means of mining information from contemporaries.

“It keeps us up to date with training, industrial relations, contracts and all building-related matters,” declares Mr Lowe.

Going forward, there are few prominent problems to speak of, save for the continually rising cost of supply materials. The origin of this acceleration has not yet been pinpointed, but Tricon is determined to push on regardless.

“Our aim,” says Mr. Lowe, “is to continue building on our reputation, providing this full building service for Designers and Architects.”

It sounds simple enough, yet says everything about Tricon Developments: always pushing for the benefit of their clients.


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