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Unique Urban BuiltUnique Urban Built is a fast-growing construction company based in South Australia. Known to deliver a broad range of quality building services, their efficient application of building techniques has earned them widespread recognition. Founded in 2007 by its joint directors, Nathan O’Neill and Michael Buckerfield, the company has since expanded outwards, with projects in New South Wales and the Northern Territory. “We started out as a low-key subcontracting company, working our way up through marketing and networking,” explains Nathan, who has years of construction experience under his belt, as well as combat operations as a recognisance soldier.

While their expertise lies in commercial development, Unique Urban Built offers a broad span of services. These vary from renovations and extensions to large scale construction, in commercial, civil and government sectors. “We’ve done large scale residential projects, such as retirement and disabled service villages,” says Nathan. No matter the size, be it car parks, residential development, or hospitals, such as the University of Sydney – Research Development Expansion in New South Wales, their professionalism and focus remains the same. Their high standard of materials and attention to detail earned them a Master Builders Award in 2009and 1012, and an Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries award in 2010.

Unique Urban Built prides itself on its business practices, in particular their customer relationships. The personal approach they take with their projects is a key selling point. “We pride ourselves on our customer service, on making sure they’re fully informed, with open communication and an open door policy,” says Nathan. Environmental impact and safety regulations have been made top priorities as well. The recent shift towards greener, more efficient construction, most notably for government buildings, is something that Unique Urban Built has strived to be at the forefront of. “We make sure our material quality, safety, and environmental proceedings and operating systems are up to the highest standard, in every way, shape and form…We know that construction is one of the largest industries in regards to environmental impact, and we need to follow strict guidelines in this regard.”

Being a construction company, Unique Urban Built earns much of its business through the tendering process, particularly for government projects. “…you need quality systems and substantiation in your company to be involved in that (process). We’ve built ourselves and these systems to operate within Government organizations, explains Nathan. “In regards to our marketing, we let the way we carry out our business speak for itself. In regards to commercial construction, our projects speak for themselves, we have experienced staff that deliver quality products.

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